Best Ultrawide Monitor For Gaming And Video Editing

Best Ultrawide Monitor For Gaming And Video Editing

The good monitor always helps a gamer in various ways. Even if a game has excellent graphics, it can look junk if you do not have a good monitor. If you are building a gaming desktop computer, or you already have a gaming console, and you are looking to buy a gaming monitor, you should

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Best Camera Accessories

Best Camera Accessories You Can Buy in This Holiday Season

If you are into photography, videography or you are a vlogger, who often record video or you are a YouTuber, and you need to upgrade your camera, do check this list to find out some of the best camera accessories you can buy in this holiday season. Not only in this holiday season but also

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Best Computer Accessories

Best Computer Accessories You Can Buy to Improve Performance

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, businessman, freelancer, or anything else, you can use a computer to improve your performance. However, a naked computer is not enough for any purpose. That is the reason, why you should check out this list where you can find some computer accessories that you can buy in

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open source app to increase productivity

Top Open Source Android Apps to Increase Productivity

Android is an open source platform used by hundreds of mobile companies and app developers. So, I decided to share a post on top open source Android apps that will help increase your productivity. 1. Open Signal One of my team member has already reviewed Open Signal in great detail here, so just visit the

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How to Send Scheduled Emails At Future Date from Gmail, Outlook

Send Scheduled Emails In Future From Your Email Program using LetterMeLater

You can use LetterMelater to schedule and send emails at a future date. The application works with all your email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and even Microsoft outlook and there is nothing to download and install.

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Microsoft Excel

Merge Data from an Excel Workbook into a Word Document

Merging data from an Excel spreadsheet or workbook is a very basic, yet powerful tool that can save a tremendous amount of time when trying to create documents that have variable fields.  Everything from envelopes and letters to name badges and table tents, data merging will eliminate the exhaustive task of typing each record by

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Apps to increase productivity

Tools And Software Every Freelancer Should Use To Be More Productive

We always have time enough, if we will but use it aright – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Level of productivity is dependent on getting more work done in a certain span of time. It doesn’t matter, whether you are student, businessman or even a freelancer, more productivity is definitely better to grow up swiftly. If you

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How To Receive Your Android Notifications On PC Instantly

If you are an avid user of both your laptop and your Android like me, you must have been through those irritating moments when you want to quickly exchange things between them and end up sending an email to yourself. It may be simply links or files like images and documents. From now on, you

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QualityTime Google PlayStore

Keeping Track of your Android Smartphone Usage with QualityTime Productivity App

There is a joke doing rounds on social networking platforms saying “Smartphones were designed to save time”. You might argue that they indeed help save time through high utility apps. But, you would be surprised to know that your productivity might have reduced due to excessive usage of smartphones. This is where the newly launched

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7 Apps To Improve Your Work Life

There are just so many distractions on smartphones these days that people have forgotten the core reason they were developed in the first place – to make your life easy and productive. Yet there are more apps to play games, listen to music and chat with friends, even strangers! But also there are numerous apps

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SunDo – Review Of A Beautiful Productivity App

Productivity apps are useful but it is often tiresome to just look at the day’s task in a typical long list. Sometimes it’s even intimidating. SunDo aims to change this. It’s interactive and attractive design take the stress part out of the tasks to be completed. The unique element of this beautiful productivity app comes from its

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24me – Best Calendar and To-Do List Manager for Android and iOS

Having a wide range of tasks is good to shell out your entire day but you should love your job. Conversely, you must need to remember each of the tasks. The majority of people face a problem if he/she provides extensive works. Generally, people forget many of their important tasks frequently. There are actually very

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Why Productivity Apps do not Increase Productivity

At first, you should know that this article is not going to unravel any computer problem. Obviously, it will way out an issue like other articles of this blog but the problem and solution both are much different from regular posts. The problem is very much pragmatic and the solution is more practical and it

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Sunrise Calendar App

Five Reasons why Sunrise Calendar is the best Calendar app

No matter if you use Android, iOS or Windows Phone, your phone should have a calendar app to superintend your tasks and schedules. Although, to do list management apps do well to manage your tasks but a calendar app does more than that. If you start finding calendar app for iOS or Android, you will

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Type using KuaiBoard on iphone

KuaiBoard – Best Text Expansion Keyboard for iOS

Text expansion is a brilliant and productive method to write more in less time. You can use text expansion technique to write long sentences within seconds. If you know what does text expansion mean or what is text expansion, skip the following paragraph. If you do not know what it actually is, read on. Generally,

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