Ultimate List of Apps for Rooted Android Device

Do you use a rooted Android mobile? If YES, here is a list of apps for rooted Android phones.

You know that if someone wants to start software development of Android, he/she must know how to root different types of Android mobiles. This is the baby step of Android development. There are plenty of tools available for rooting your device. You can try to select the best one for rooting your Android device.

Ultimate List of Apps for Rooted Android Device

A rooted Android mobile user can do loads of more things than a regular Android mobile user. This is probably because of rooted Android device lifts tons of barriers. Anyway, today, here is a small yet useful list of apps for rooted Android phones.



This is a must have app for rooted Android mobiles. Actually, CWM recovery automatically installs this application after rooting your device. What it does is simply awesome. SuperSU can gather all the information about installed apps’ user rights. Apart from that, it can help you to unroot your device temporarily, create backup of different scripts and do lot more things.

Titanium Backup

This is yet another free backup software for rooted Android devices. You can backup various things including applications, call logs, app data, SMS, MMS, bookmarks and so forth. On the other hand, it provides cloud storage synchronization. That means, all your backups would be uploaded to selected cloud storage account automatically. The best part is you can encrypt your backup. Hence, all your backup cannot be used by any third person.

Download: Titanium Backup

System App Remover


This can accomplish your need for what you have rooted your device. You know that almost all Android phones come with some useless system apps those are non-removable. This is where System App Remover comes steps in. You can remove your any system app after rooting your device using thing awesome app. However, before deleting anything, make sure it has no connection with your system directly. Otherwise, you will face a problem like lagging or other issues.

ROM Toolbox

It is yet another brilliant app that you should have in your rooted Android phone. It is actually a ROM management application that can help you to install ROM and themes. Some useful and trustworthy ROM such as AOKP, Cyanogenmod etc. are already included in the app. Apart from them, you can create backup of apps, perfect predefined backup, backup bookmark, SMS etc. to internal storage or to Dropbox. After that, you can have a Task Manage too. ROM Toolbox can also be used as a font installer. YES! You can change the default font of your Android device by making use of ROM Toolbox. But, for that, you must have to premium version.

Xposed Framework

I cannot think my mobile with this development. Xposed Framework is a bunch of more than hundred modules those are used to do various things. You can turn your old phone into a new mobile. Xposed Framework’s modules mainly used to customize your mobile. After customization, you can improve security of your mobile by using various modules. The best module is GravityBox, which helps users to personalize the phone.



It can help you to make your device greener. Greenify is a consolidation of various useful and standalone apps for Android. You can get this app to manage your apps, wake up device at right time, backup device and so on. On the other hand, you can prevent your battery from draining out by various battery killers. You can get a full report of the analysis that has been done by Greenify. Therefore, you can check which apps are currently running in the background, were running etc.

Editor’s Note

Google Play contains loads of other apps those can convert your old rooted Android phone into a super phone. I have mentioned what I use on my Android device almost regularly.

What is your favorite app for rooted Android mobile? Do share it with us.s

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