Two Ways to Change Default Android Font [Root Required]

Do you feel boring with the default system font of Android? Do you want to replace it with your favorite font? Here are two great tricks for rooted Android phone users to change default Android font. Although, the first method is paid but you can try the second method to do the same at free of cost.

How to change default Android font?

ROM Toolbox Pro

ROM Toolbox Pro is a paid Android application, which is available on Google Plat Store at $5.99. You can get this app for your rooted Android phone but make sure it is Android 2.3 or later version. Actually, ROM Toolbox is a great and must have application for rooted Android phone users. You can do many things using ROM Toolbox. For instance, if you want to change your default boot animation or if you want to add something in build.prop file, you can do so using ROM Toolbox Pro. ROM Toolbox can also change the default font of your Android device. All you need is rooted Android phone. To get started with this, just head over to Google Play and download ROM Toolbox. After that, open it and navigate to Interface tab. Then, you will get an option called Font Installer.

Font Installer in ROM Toolbox Pro

Just tap on that and select a font. You can wither use your own custom font that is in your SD card or preloaded font. After installing the font, you may have to restart your phone.

P.S.: I do not know whether the free version has this option or not. Therefore, it would be better to check the free version before purchasing paid version of ROM Toolbox.


This is yet another great app that will aid you to change default Android font within moments. However, it is better than ROM Toolbox Pro since you can change whole system font or any particular app font by making sue of Fonter. Actually, Fonter is a Xposed Fraamework module that works with Xposed Framework. You supposed to have Xposed Framework on your rooted Android phone to get Fonter. So, at first, install Xposed Framework. For that, head over to this link. After installing Xposed Framework on your phone, open it and search for Fonter. You can also check this link to download Fonter directly. After installing Fonter, you may have to restart your phone.

After that, open Fonter on your mobile or tablet and go to Home to download your favorite font. Then, head over to Change app font.

Fonter Start Screen

Now, you will get all your installed apps on your screen.

App list in Fonter

Just select any app and you will get a screen something like the following picture;

Enable Change app font and change font

You need to enable change app font and choose a font from your installed fonts. After that, you can launch that app to get the change. This is as easy as said.

You can also use some apps from Google Play Store but I personally do not like them. Instead of using any particular font changer, this is better to use these two methods.

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