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WhatsApp for Web is Now Available for Chrome

For many of us, “What’s Up?” has become “WhatsApp”. This is because of its popularity. WhatsApp is probably the most trending instant messaging system that is available for almost all mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and so forth. You can easily use them on your mobile. However, make sure you are

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Use Google Chrome as Music Player of YouTube

How to Use Google Chrome as Music Player of YouTube

You might have used YouTube to watch videos and to learn something quickly. If you often use YouTube to listen to latest movie or album songs, here is a good news for you. Different media productions launch their music albums on YouTube and iTunes before anywhere else because they know how to reach to more

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Hide New User Menu in Chrome 39

How to Hide New User Menu in Chrome 39

Google Chrome is one of the best and fastest web browsers, which is available for different platforms including Windows, Linux, MAC, Android etc. People often choose Google Chrome instead of Mozilla Firefox since this is very fast even if you have slow data connection. On the other hand, you can download tons of extensions right

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9 Best Chrome Extensions You Must Have

There are about more than 65000 extensions of Google Chrome in the chrome web store. And while many of them may not be deemed as useful, there are some which are actually worthwhile to give attention to and will make your online life easier. Check out our list and discover new ways to surf with

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Lock Google Chrome

How to Lock Google Chrome without Third Party Software

If you are a Google Chrome user, here is a way to lock down your Chrome and entire browsing history along with all other information without installing or using any third party software. You know that Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers available for almost all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android,

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protect browser saved passwords in Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer

Did you ever thought of securing your passwords you saved, in your favourite browser? If not, do it now. In this article I am going to tell you how to protect browser saved passwords in some of today’s most popular browsers. The probability of your social account getting hacked is inversely proportional to your popularity.

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Google Search Handwriting Recognition Lets you Handwrite The Search Query

Does typing on your virtual keyboard makes you hit the roof on a bumpy ride? Do not let this short your fuse as Google have turned your mobile’s touchscreen into a keyboard. Now with Google search handwrite recognition, Just write the text with your fingers on your smartphones and tablets as you would do with

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Control uTorrent Downloads From Another Computer

I have recently inculcated this habit of “remote control”. Control a computer and applications from another computer which are geographically separated from each other and not connected in the same network or internet connection. It works like this. Whenever I have a long queue of downloads that needs attention, I don’t download them right away.

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Google I/O 2013 – What’s in it for You

Google just took the wraps of the most awaited conference of the year – Google I/O 2013. This year is a lot different from the blockbuster of the yester year, where Google Glass was launched with much fanfare and excitement. This year it was more on the software front. Though no new upgrades to either

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Tab Management Made Easy with Tab Juggler for Chrome

Recently we posted various articles to make browsing pleasurable on the Google Chrome. Chrome, a great browser, can be enhanced with the help of extensions written by third-party developers. A number of extensions exist to deal with the problem of managing tabs. We have even covered a cool extension on managing 100s of tabs with

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Recycle Bin For Chrome Remembers Closed Tabs, Let’s You Search And Restore Them

Google Chrome has a built in feature that saves “recently closed” tabs as a list. Using the recently closed list you can quickly open a webpage that was recently closed or accidentally closed. The “recently closed” list of tabs in accessible from Google Chrome’s new tab page. If you have accidentally closed a bunch of

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Chime For Chrome – All your Social Notifications In One Place

Social Networking has come about in a big way. People are hooked to social networking sites now more than ever. There are many that have jumped into the social networking bandwagon apart from the obvious and popular ones like Facebook and Twitter, such as Google Plus, Instagram, Quora and so on. One thing that is

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Browse Smarter in Google Chrome With These 5 Useful Extensions

Google Chrome is one of the favorite browsers among the internet users today. It’s minimalistic look, quick browsing and no frills browsing has made many a fan of the browser. But, despite all these features, there are certain chores that many users face in Chrome. Developers have switched up the gear and have delivered many

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Get Rid of Your Parent’s Computing Woes Remotely Through Chrome Remote Desktop

Many of us working in the industry have faced this situation a countless times – Your parents call up and ask for help on some of the common things on their computers. Often you find it difficult to explain the process over the phone, especially when you are miles away from your parents and your

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Use Google Chrome like a Ninja! Tips and Tricks For Begineers

Google Chrome is a fast and minimalistic browser which everybody loves. But you might have stumbled into cases when you wish that some tabs were there all the time, search quickly without having to type, move between tabs swiftly and so on. Here we will discuss few tips and tricks that you will love.

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