Best Alternatives to Stock Apps for iOS

iOS is indeed the most amazing platform for iDevices. iOS makes iDevices complete. Alike other platforms, iOS also comes with tons of free apps those are known as stock apps. Stock apps indicate inbuilt applications. However, today I am going to introduce some useful alternatives to stock apps for iOS to you so that you can switch to them to get a different experience or even more features.

Sunrise Calendar


This is probably the best alternative to the native Calendar app for iOS. You cannot find more others in any other apps that Sunrise Calendar. Sunrise Calendar is available for iOS 8 and later version. On the other hand, this app is optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The under interface is simply awesome and no other apps can provide such a beautiful visual design.

You can use Sunrise Calendar as a calendar app, to-do list management app and so forth. This is very easy to use this calendar app. To know more about Sunrise Calendar, do follow this link.

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Inbox by Gmail


This is the best substitute to Mail app for iOS. You know that Inbox by Gmail is a free application, which is available as an invitation only app. That means, you supposed to have an invitation to use Inbox by Gmail. However, this is also possible to bypass invitation to use Inbox by Gmail.

Inbox by Gmail is a super mail application that can deal with different email service providers including Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc. That simply means, you do not have to use any others email client to consolidate all of your email accounts. Inbox by Gmail is available at free of cost. The most of beautiful thing is it can handle your daily tasks too. Know more about Inbox by Gmail at here.



Generally, Apple provides Apple Safari browser in iOS devices. This is truly awesome and very fast. It also consume minimum bandwidth. However, if you want to get an alternative to that, Chrome should be fit. Google Chrome is another handy web browser that can consumes more bandwidth than Safari but provides better user experience. Chrome is developed by Google and hence, it has almost no bug. You will get a smooth user experience. Google Chrome is as useful as it is for Android. Chrome for iPhone and iPad is available for iOS 7.0 and later versions. Alike Sunrise Calendar, this is also optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Camera Plus


This is one of the best camera apps for iOS. Camera Plus is available for iOS 8.0. You can get tons of features and can implement them in your mobile camera. Camera Plus comes with some important features including different focus modes, lighting adjustment, photo filters and more others. Apart from them, you will get all the features of your inbuilt camera app. On iPad, there is no flash for rear camera. Camera Plus is really very useful on iPad to capture beautiful photos. You can also setup AirSnap and capture images from another iOS device remotely.

P.S.: If you have Jailbroken iOS device, you can check out MoreTimer and Photego.

Google Play Books


Google Play Books is the best eBook reader for Android. Alike Android, it is much popular among iOS users too. If you do not like the iBooks, do try Google Play Books once. This application is available at free of cost for iOS 7.0 and later versions. You can utilize this app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Among all the useful features, Night Mode, Offline Reading, Voice Support are the most popular and helpful. This is very easy to organize your favorite eBooks using Google Play Books. On the other hand, you can manage them according to the category as well.

Google News & Weather

Google News and Weather App for iOS

When you do not like native Weather app, Google News & Weather can help you a lot, which was launched few weeks back by Google. YES, although, this app was available for Android only but now, you can get it for iOS as well. Google News & Weather app is available for iOS 7.0 and later versions. This is a two-in-one application and available in various languages including English, Greek, Spanish, Polish and more others. The user interface looks pretty good and much uncluttered. The overall performance is up to the mark.



Groove is the best alternative to the native stock music app for iOS. Groove is available for iOS 7.0 and later versions at free of cost. You can manage all your loaded music files using Groove. On the other hand, this is also possible use tags to organize songs. It helps users to use LAST.FM right from the app. It also can integrate iTunes, Apple TV and AirPlay. In simple line, Groove is better than the stock music application for iOS.

Final Thoughts

There are more other inbuilt iOS apps those have better alternatives. For example, you can use Google Maps, Spotify etc. on your iOS device.

However, these aforementioned are also much useful for them, who want to try something different. Hope you would like them all.

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