How to Lock Photos in iPhone using Touch ID

You can certainly lock Photos in iPhone using Touch ID. Instead of using PIN lock or Passcode, you can use Touch ID to protect your personal photos on your iPhone. However, it requires Jailbreak. Therefore, if you have already done that, read on to know more about this trick.

Touch ID is a very useful feature that is included in iPhone 5S and later versions of iPhone. By using Touch ID, you can generally protect your device. In simple words, you can lock down your entire iPhone using Touch ID. It works as same as PIN lock or Passcode. Even Touch ID locking system is much more secure than any other locking system for your iPhone.

How to Lock Photos in iPhone using Touch ID

However, Touch ID can be used in different places but not for locking any stock application such as Photo. Whenever you capture an image using your iPhone camera, it goes in the Camera Roll to be saved. The workflow is simple but the security is very weak.

What if you have some private photographs in your iDevice and you have unlocked it before giving to your friend. He/she can easily check all your photos as well as videos from your photo app of your iPhone. On the other hand, if have given your mobile’s camera to your friend to capture some photographs, he/she can check your videos and image right from the Camera app of your iPhone. That means, there is no security or process to prevent the third party from watching your private images.

How to Lock Photos in iPhone using Touch ID

This is where Photego comes in. Photego is a free Jailbreak tweak that is available for Jailbroken, and Touch ID enabled iDevices. By making use of Photego, you can easily lock down your photo app using Touch ID. Apart from that, this is also possible to prevent others from watching your image from the amera app.

Therefore, at first download Photego in your iPhone. After installing it, open it from Settings pane. Now, you will get some options to set it up. The first, option will aid you to enable or disable Photego. The very next option helps users to protect the Photego settings pane. That means you can also lock down Phototego using Touch ID so that none would be able to make any kind of change. I recommend you to enable this option.


After that, you will get Protect Files. By enabling this option, you can protect your photos using Touch ID.


This is the core feature of Photego.

Then, you will get Protect from Deletion and Protect from Recovery.


Protect from Deletion will help you to prevent deletion. Whenever, someone will go to remove any image or video, he/she will have to authenticate using Touch ID. The second option helps users to delete any file permanently.


The very next option is Protect Albums, which will let you protect image album from being accessed.

After that, you can find Protect Sharing. It does what it says.

Bottom Line

Considering all the features, everyone will recommend it for using on Jailbroken iOS device. The settings are very simple to understand and you may need only one or two minutes to set it up.

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