Top 50 Android Apps by Google

I am sure that when Google owned Android for the first time, they never imagined that they could own, develop and maintain 78 apps. These 78 apps are available for only Android. Another awesome year is going to end very soon. This is the time to know what has performed better than others and what is not.

Today I am going to make an ultimate list of top 50 Android apps those are owned, developed and maintained by Google, the web giant. Therefore, here you go.

Top 50 Android Apps by Google

➤ Google Translate

Google Translate is probably the most beautiful app by Google. You can use Google Translate to translate any word from one language to another language within seconds. Although, it works via internet connection, but you can also try it offline after downloading the language pack.

➤ Google Chrome

When it comes to browse the internet, there should not be any other choice except Google Chrome for Android. Although, it consumes more memory than other browsers such as Opera Mini but you will get far better user experience with this browser.

➤ Chrome Beta

If you know what beta version does, there is nothing to say. Anyway, the beta version of Google Chrome comes with several handy features such a bandwidth reduction and so on. You can even get a better user experience on Google Chrome beta.

➤ YouTube

After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine that has millions of videos of all categories. You can watch YouTube videos on your Android device using the official app. The latest update also helps you to watch videos without having internet connection.

➤ YouTube for Google TV

By using this app, you can watch any YouTube video on your TV. This app is for them, who want to bring their most favorite videos to their living room.

Create GIF Image from YouTube video

➤ YouTube for Android TV

Google has launched Android TV in the last Google I/O 2014. If you own an Android TV, download this YouTube for Android TV app and watch any YouTube video on your TV.

➤ YouTube Creator Studio

If you’re a YouTube channel owner, you might have already used YouTube creator studio to create slideshows on your PC. However, now you can do the same on your Android device using YouTube Creator Studio.

➤ Google Play Books

Do you read digital books purchased from Google Play Store? If YES, I am sure that you know about Google Play Books. By making use of this app, you can easily read all free and purchased digital books on your Android device.

➤ Google Now Launcher

This is the most helpful productivity app for Android. By using this app, you can set Google Now on your home screen. That implies that you can manage all your Google Now tasks form your home screen.

➤ Google Fit

Google Fit

To track all the exercise records, health records and more others related to health, Google has launched Google Fit for Android. You can use it and gather all the information about your heal and exercise.

➤ Messenger

If you have used Android Lollipop, you might have already seen that Google has excluded Message app that is still included in previous Android versions. Instead of that, Google has included Messenger app. This is much better than previous SMS app.

➤ Google Play Music

This is just perfect for all music lovers. This app will let you get your favorite songs or audio tracks wherever you go. You can also listen to custom radio. The most beautiful thing is it contains more than 20k songs.

➤ Google Play Newsstand

The traditional newspaper’s day has been gone. Now, people read their morning newspaper on tablet or mobile phone. Google Play Newsstand will help you to read latest news on your Android device. You just need to download it. That’s all.

➤ Inbox by Gmail

Inbox Email Client by Gmail

This is another awesome email and productivity app for Android. Although, previously, it was invitation based email app by Gmail but now, anybody can use this app and services without having invitation.

➤ Gmail

Find Email with No Response in Gmail

All Android devices comes with Gmail app. By using the Gmail app, you can manage your Gmail account. The latest version of Gmail also helps you to consolidate other IMAP enabled accounts.

➤ Google Camera

If your inbuilt camera is not able to provide the perfect focus or effect while capturing photos, use Google Camera. It will help you to capture more awesome pictures using the same camera, what your phone has.

➤ Hangouts Dialer

This app will help you to call to any friend, who is already with you on Google Hangouts. It provides a better platform to get connected with friends. The most awesome thing is you can call for free in US and Canada.

➤ Google Keep

Note taking apps are really helpful because they notify you for every important tasks. You can use Google Keep as a note taking app, alarm and semi-virtual assistant. Just try it.

➤ Chromecast

Chromecast can help you to watch online videos on your smart tv. To get started with Chromecast, you are supposed to have the official Chromecast app on your Android mobile. Therefore, download it right now if you have Chromecast on your other hand.

➤ Google Drive

Google Drive is a reliable and affordable cloud storage. To access your Google Drive account, just download the Google Drive app. It will help you to get all the files that you have on the cloud storage. This is very secure because it comes with two-step mobile verification.

➤ Google Docs

Google Drive contains several things including a MS Office package rival. If you use Google Docs a lot, you can simply download it instead of Google Drive app.

➤ Google Sheets

Alike Google Docs app, Google Sheets is a standalone app for Android. You can download it to get linked with Google Sheets. By using it, you can simple edit, view and manage all your Google Sheets on your Android device.

➤ Google Slides

Alike those two aforementioned apps, Google Slides would help you to manage, view and edit the slides those are in your Google Drive account.

➤ Google Calendar

Perfect app for busy professionals. You can schedule and manage all your tasks using Google calendar. This is lightweight and very much useful for all types of people. You can also use it from PC. This is where it excels.

➤ Maps

It does what it says. You can get a Map on your Android phone and know more about any place. You can also set current location and destination to know the fastest route on the map.

➤ SnapSeed

This is the best photo editor owned by Google. Google has acquired this editing app. Anyway, you can give a professional touch to your regular captured photos by making use of SnapSeed.

➤ Google+

If you do not like Facebook a lot, I am sure that you use Google+. To use Google Plus is a better way; just download the official app on your Android device. You can easily do all the things that web version provides.

➤ AdWords Express

AdWords is a platform for advertisers as well as publishers. If you are an advertiser, who use Google AdWords, this app will help you to track and manage your campaigns better.

➤ Hangouts

If you are Google hangouts user, this is the actual app you need. This app will help you to send and receive messages to/from your friends. As this is an IM, it consumes very less bandwidth.

➤ Google Apps Device policy

If you own or a member of any educational institute, business or any other organization, this app can help you a lot. It will show you all the device details who are using Google Apps for Business.

➤ Chrome Remote Desktop

If you want to get your Android mobile or tablet on your PC to do something to get something, simply install Chrome Remote Desktop. This is very easy to setup and use.

➤ Google Authenticator

If you use two-step verification in your Google account, this app will help you to use that same account on your Android device without having any trouble. This app will generate a unique code for each app when you will go to sign in to something with Google account.

➤ MyGlass

Google Launches Notification Sync to Get Notifications on Google Glass

Google Glass a wearable gadget. If you have a Google Glass, you must need to download MyGlass app on your Android mobile to synchronize your Google Glass with mobile.

➤ Blogger

Blogger is an awesome platform to start a blog. If you are a Google Blogger user, you can download the Blogger app on your Android mobile and manage your blogs from anywhere.

➤ Android TV Remote

Although, Android TV comes with dedicated remote, but if you want to use your mobile as a remote, just download Android TV Remote app. It comes with very easy setup and workflow is great.

➤ Android Wear

If you have an Android Wear device, you must have Android Wear app on your mobile to use that. Without having it, you cannot utilize your Android Wear.

➤ Cloud Print

Generally, recent Android versions have Google Cloud Print system by default. Nevertheless, if you are an older Android user, you can download Cloud Print app on your Android device to print from the cloud.

➤ Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is the most affordable virtual reality viewer. You can download the Google Cardboard app to utilize it faster and better.

➤ Google Analytics

If you are a professional blogger, you might have already used Google Analytics. To track every minute on Google Analytics, just download Google Analytics app on your Android mobile. This is awesome for even based niche bloggers.

➤ Google AdSense

Yet another app for bloggers and online marketers. Google AdSense is the most trustworthy advertisement portal out there. If you’re a Google AdSense publisher, you can download it and track your earning.

➤ Google Admin

If you are a Google For Work user or member, Google Admin is the actual app that you need. You can manage your groups, edit groups, restore user, delete user, reset password and so on. On the other hand, you can also get read and delete notifications from each user.

➤ Google Fiber

If you want to access your whole Google Fiber TV experience, here you go. Google Fiber will aid you to experience whole things with your fingers. You can get tons of TV shows and movies those are airing live with Google Fiber.

➤ Google I/O 2014

Google has launched tons of new gadgets, Android version in 2014 event. You can watch entire Google event with the help of Google I/O 2014 app for Android.

➤ Divide Productivity

I am sure that you haven’t heard about this app. this app is mainly for Android IT Preview Program users. Alike Inbox by Gmail, it is also an invitation based application. By using this app, you can manage Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Downloads. This is an all-in-one app.

➤ Google Apps Lockup

If you are a Google Apps for Education or Google Apps for Business user, you can use Google Apps Lockup app on your Android device to connect with anyone, who is on your corporate domain. You must have Android 2.1 – 2.3.4 to install it.

➤ Photos for Google TV

If you want to get all local storage photos, Flickr’s phots and Picasa’s photos in one place, Photos for Google TV the app you should have. This is a consolidation of all pictures that you have. This is for them, who do not want to use different apps for getting different photos.

➤ Android TV launcher

If you are an Android TV user, download it to find the least amount of friction provided by a particular type of content. You can download Android TV Launcher on Android 4.4 and later versions at free of cost.

➤ Google Edu Device Setup

If you have purchased an Android tablet via Google Apps for Education, this app is required to easily set up that tablet with minutes. Download it and setup your special Android tablet within minutes.

➤ Intersection Explorer

If someone is totally blind or have any kind of problem in the eye, Intersection Explorer will help him/her to know more about the neighborhoods and everything around him/her.

➤ Car Home

This is last but, not the least Android app by Google, which is not so popular. Although, Google Maps helps users to get a better navigation while walking, driving or cycling, but you can also download Car Home to get everything more correctly. Car Home can help you to get navigation, voice assistant and more other things on your Android device while you are driving a car.

Final Word

If you have checked all the apps by Google, you might have noticed that all of them available at free of cost. What is/are your favorite Android app that is developed or owned by Google. Do share your opinion with us and I hope you have liked this list.

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