Create Sticky Notes From Desktop and Send them to Twitter, Facebook or Email

Working with notes can be fun as well as productive, when you have lots of things to remember and you want an easy way...

Share Keyboard and Mouse among Two Computers Connected Via LAN

You can share your keyboard and mouse across multiple computers connected on a network with a utility called Input Director. This will allow you to control two or more computers using a single mouse and keyboard.

Some Online Alarm Clock Websites Worth Trying

Do you fall asleep in front of your computer and need an online clock which can remind you of important tasks? Or may be...

NimiPlaces: Organize Desktop Folders and Shortcuts into Separate Stacks

You can organize desktop folders and program shortcuts into separate stacks using a freeware utility called Nimiplaces. This program separates the folders and application shortcuts and helps in decluttering your desktop.

Upload and Share Powerpoint Presentations With Facebook Friends

You can upload and share PowerPoint presentations directly from your Facebook profile page and your friends can then post comments, likes on it. The presentations can also be synched with your Slideshare account as well.

5 Tools to Remember Complex Passwords

Here are some web based tools to remember complex and difficult passwords. This includes a password card, a shortened URL trick to remember passwords and more.

Find What Your Facebook Friends Are “Liking” Across the Web

If you want to know what your Facebook friends are "Liking" across all the popular websites, here is a website worth trying.

How to Transfer A Self Hosted WordPress Blog To Blogger Without Losing PageRank And...

You can move your Wordpress blog to the Blogger platform without losing PageRank, traffic and search rankings. The blogger blog will contain all the posts, comments and images used in your Wordpress blog. Here is a step by step guide.

Clear Browser Cache and Browsing History in Google Chrome

Often you would want a one click solution to clear your browser cache or browsing history. We have seen ways to clear browser cache...

Create a password reset disk in Windows using USB Flash Drive

Learn how to reset your user password using a USB Flash drive by creating a Password Reset Disk. The steps mentioned in this tutorial are valid for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Use Google Docs to Create Pie Charts and Graphs

Yu can use Google docs to create line charts, bar graphs, venn diagrams and pie charts. The data is saved in an excel spreadsheet in your Google ocs account and the chart can be modified at a later stage.

Turn Pictures into Comics Strips Online

You can use Pikistrips to turn your pictures into comic strips online. The comic strips can be downloaded into your computer or shared with your friends on social sites.

Add Tattoos In Your Photos Without Using Image Editing Programs

You don't need Photoshop or heavy knowledge of photo editing software to to add cool Tattoos in your photos. TatMash is a brilliant web service which lets you add Tattoos and other body arts in your digital photos with little effort.

Quickly Clear Firefox Browser Cache using Empty Cache Firefox Add-on

Before explaining how to clear cache in Firefox with a single click, let me explain what actually is a browser's cache folder and what...

Add a Tweet This Button On WordPress and Blogger Without Using any Plugin

You can easily add a 'Tweet this" button in a Wordpress theme or a Blogger template without using any plugin. The permalink of your post is shortened using so that you can track important statistics.

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