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How to Hide Files in Google Drive When Sharing an Entire Folder

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms in the world. The myriad of services that Google offers like mail, photo, mobile OS, search and more, makes it even more inevitable. When you save a file on Google Drive, it is usually saved in the default mode, “privately”, which means that the

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Transfer ownership of shared folder in Dropbox

How to transfer ownership of shared folder in Dropbox?

We can share a folder in Dropbox allowing others to add files to the shared folder, so that all files will be at one place. This would be helpful when project is being done as a team and everyone need to be aware of what others are doing. So, the person who created the folder

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Now Automatically Upload Photos And Videos To Dropbox From Android

Soon after announced a hefty free storage space of 50 GB for all Android users, in comes the reply from Dropbox. Now you can automatically upload photos and videos to your Dropbox account from Android, without having to manually upload the files from the app or use a USB data cable to transfer the

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Get 50 GB of Free Storage Space On Box.Net By Installing The Android App

If you are a user and have an Android device, here is a unique chance to upgrade your storage space to a lifetime 50GB. has released several updates to its Android app and is now giving away 50 GB of free storage space to all Android users, all you have to do is install the Android app and login to your account.

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Using Dropbox For Business, Company Or Within An Organization

Want to use Dropbox for business, company or within your organization? Switch to the teams plan of Dropbox which offers 1000GB of storage space for 5 users, at the cost of $795 annual fees. You get administrative controls, tech support via phone and unlimited revision histories for all our files.

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AVG LiveKive: Another Cloud Sync And File Backup Service Offering Hefty Online Storage For Free

Of all the cloud file backup and sync tools available on the web, Dropbox is certainly the most popular one. The service offers cross platform sync and backup, offers 2GB of free space to all users, while there are different ways to increase Dropbox storage space without paying a dime. The grand daddy of cloud

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Use Adobe SendNow to Share Large Files Online

Adobe SendNow is a new file sharing service which allows users to send and receive large files from anyone.

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Access Files Of a Host Computer From A Remote Computer With ZumoCast

Zumocast is a free utility for Windows which allows you to access files of a host computer via any remote computer using a web browser. Apart from accessing files, you can also directly upload files from the client computer to the host computer.

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