How to Automatically Set Instagram Image as iOS Wallpaper

This is meaningless to introduce iOS as this is probably the most beautiful operating system for mobiles and tablets (iPad). People are using iOS over any other OS because of having a great performance and overall stability. On the other hand, you can find loads of free apps and games for iOS from App Store.

At the same time, Instagram is one of the best photo sharing platform, which is available as different versions like mobile app, web etc. Although, it has millions of monthly active users but still it doesn’t have any app for computers. But, still it runs well for mobile users. In other words, Instagram is probably the most successful mobile based app and service.

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There are many people, who often upload beautiful images. At the same time, it you can find beautiful wallpaper as well. Previously, there was a barrier by Instagram that you could not upload anything except square size image, which has been lifted up by them to gain better image quality. Now, you can find a lot of awesome and eye catching wallpaper for your mobiles. But, unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow users to download any image from the of official website. Although, there are some third party methods and software to backup or download Instagram photos, but there is actually no official method.

Anyway, suppose, you want to set an image as your wallpaper. For that, you will have to download that and then set it as your wallpaper. Sometime, it takes time, what busy people do not have on their hands. Therefore, here is a solution that will let you automatically set Instagram image as iOS wallpaper. There is an app called PaperGram, which will help you to set any Instagram image as your mobile wallpaper. But, as mentioned before, this is available for iOS only.

Automatically Set Instagram Image as iOS Wallpaper

This is very easy and not much time consuming. However, you must have Jailbroken iOS 9 device. Otherwise, it won’t work as PaperGram is a Cydia tweak, which is available on official Cydia repository. Therefore, go ahead if you have a Jailbroken iOS 9 device. This is really simple to get things done. There are no such complicated settings at all.

Just download PaperGram to your iPhone, enter the Instagram account details and enjoy. PaperGram will help you to change home screen wallpaper as well as lock screen wallpaper.

Automatically Set Instagram Image as iOS Wallpaper

This is also possible to set two different wallpaper for two different screens i.e. home screen and lock screen. At the same time, you can also enter two different account details for two different wallpapers. It will scan your account for new updates and choose a wallpaper on behalf of you. This is possible to set different times from 5 times. If you set 5 minutes, it will check for new image after each 5 minutes.

However, during the test, we have got some issue. Sometime, it doesn’t update the wallpaper automatically after 5 minutes. But, sometime, it worked just fine.

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