How to Use WhatsApp Anonymously Without Using Original Contact Details

It is the time to send anonymous text messages with WhatsApp. As soon as WhatsApp becomes popular, the geek people find out how to bypass the sms verification method of WhatsApp activation. Actually, I am talking about the process by which one can send messages to his friends using an unknown/anonymous mobile number. And thus, the sender remains unrecognized to the recipient.

Basically, WhatsApp is an mobile application that can be used in Windows Pc. With this instant messaging application, you can send messages and images/videos to known users. And for this, you have to use a mobile number that you actually own. Because of WhatsApp’s number verification system, it sends a verification code to confirm your mobile number registration. But how is it possible to use WhatsApp anonymously without using an original contact number? By using a temporary mobile number we can easily complete the WhatsApp verification procedure, and thus we can use WhatsApp anonymously.


Now Use WhatsApp Without A Mobile Number

In order to activate WhatsApp using a fake or temporary number you just need the following things.

Just install WhatsApp application to your mobile. Accept the terms and conditions and you will be asked to enter your mobile number. If you are an existing customer, you can use “Change Number” option from settings.

Now you have to use an online sms verification site, which helps you to verify your anonymous mobile number. For this, you can visit websites like,, etc.

From the list of mobile numbers online, choose any of them and put the number to WhatsApp mobile number field.

Choose sms verification method so that you will receive a sms to that number.

Now receive verification code from the website.

Enter the verification code to “verification code” field. That’s all!

You can use WhatsApp as an anonymous user without revealing your actual mobile number. This is a great way to keep your mobile number private. Remember that, you should not use this trick for bad practices.

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