How To Watch Netflix With Friends From Remote Distance

Let’s assume that you live in the USA, and your friend’s house is in the UK, but you want to watch the same movie on Netflix together. At such a moment, you can use these tips and tricks to watch Netflix with friends from a remote distance. No matter where your friend lives, you can watch any show or movie on Netflix with the help of these techniques.

Netflix Party

How To Watch Netflix With Friends From Remote Distance

Netflix Party is one of the best options that you can find on the internet. No matter whether you want to watch a movie with one or multiple friends, you can do that with the help of this service. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that you can download for free. For obvious reasons, you should have a valid Netflix subscription, and please note that the mobile-only plan doesn’t work with this extension. That is because you need to play the show or movie on your computer, and the mobile-only plan does not allow users to do that.

Netflix Party doesn’t have many options, and therefore, it is straightforward to deal with it. No matter whether you are about to use it for the very first time or not, you can get started with Netflix Party very quickly, even without a manual. However, we have enlisted some steps that might be helpful for you to start using this Google Chrome extension on your computer. For your information, you can install this extension in Microsoft Edge Chromium as well, and it is possible to get the same on Mac and Linux too apart from Windows.

At first, visit the Chrome Web Store to download this extension in your browser and install it accordingly. After that, log into your Netflix account and play a movie or episode of a web series. Following that, you need to click the Netflix Party icon in your browser and click the Start Party button.

Then, it will generate a link that you need to share with your friends. As mentioned earlier, you can watch any Netflix show with as many friends as you want. Therefore, you need to send the link to all of them so that they can start viewing without any problem. Once you are done with the show, you can disconnect the extension so that the streaming gets stopped immediately. Download


How To Watch Netflix With Friends From Remote Distance

Although Kast is not the same as Netflix Party, it does the job well. It doesn’t matter which device or operating system you are using; you can use Kast on your mobile as well as the computer. If you are using an Android mobile, make sure that it is running Android 7.0 or later version. On the other hand, it is mandatory to have iOS 13.0 or later versions to download it from the official repository. That said, you can use Kast to watch Netflix with friends from a remote distance, even when you are using a mobile or iPad.

Talking about the workflow of Kast, you can share your screen, and your friend can join the streaming and watch movies along with you. The best thing is that you can chat with them and send text or voice messages in real-time. Therefore, no matter whether you are playing games or watching movies, you can use this utility to make it more interesting with friends or anybody else. The user interface of Kast is neat and clean as a screen sharing application. You can find many options on the main screen, but all of them are well organized. Therefore, you should not have any problem using this app even for the very first time.

As this app is available for mobile, you can have the mobile-only subscription of Netflix. It costs very less, and it doesn’t allow users to watch on more than one screen. However, if you use Kast on your mobile, it is possible to watch the same movie with friends or anybody else with ease. Download

Scener Virtual Movie Theater

How To Watch Netflix With Friends From Remote Distance

If you like the idea of Netflix Party, but you do not want to use that specific Chrome extension, you can check out this tool called Scener Virtual Movie Theater. It does everything just like Netflix Party, and it is more lightweight than that. In simple words, you can find several excellent functionalities as well as better performance from this extension called Scener Virtual Movie Theater. The user interface of this extension is uncluttered so that users do not get any problem while they are in a hurry.

No matter whether you want to watch a movie or web series or documentary, you can use this Google Chrome extension to share that with friends who are sitting miles away. Talking about the specific functionalities, you can find these in this extension-

  • You can synchronize Netflix to watch with any other person at the same time.
  • You can send text, voice, and video messages in real-time.
  • This extension supports any operating system as long as you have Google Chrome or the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.

If you like, you can download Scener Virtual Movie Theater from here.


How To Watch Netflix With Friends From Remote Distance

You can create a private or public room with the help of Watch3Gether so that you can share the content of Netflix with friends and watch with them in real-time. Although it is trickier than other tools, you won’t find many problems to set things up. The primary steps are these-

  • You need to install the extension in your Google Chrome browser.
  • Create a room with Watch3Gether.
  • Play a Netflix show to add it to the room.
  • Share the room with your friends.
  • Allow them to join the room.
  • Play the content as per your requirements.

It is as simple as said. If you like the workflow and features, you can download it from here.

These are some of the best solutions to watch Netflix with friends from a remote distance. Considering everything, it seems that the Netflix Party is the best and easiest to use solution for you.

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