Best Websites to Download Mobile and Computer Mockups

Let’s assume that you are going to open an app company and you want to showcase your app differently. One of the best things is you can wrap your app screenshot with device mockup. The advantage of using mockup is it looks realistic. Instead of capturing a photo of a real mobile or computer screen, this is a far better option to use mockups. If you want to download mobile or computer mockups, do check out these websites those provide free and high resolution mockups that you can download and use on your website.

Best Websites to Download Mobile and Computer Mockups

1] Placeit

Best Websites to Download Mobile and Computer Mockups

Placeit is, undoubtedly, the best website where you get various mockups the. It doesn’t matter whether you want to download an iPhone mockup or MacBook mockup or anything else. It comes with a huge list of mockups you can use for personal and commercial purpose. The best thing is it allows you to insert a screenshot. However, you need to have the perfect size as it is mentioned on the corresponding mockup download page. Otherwise, it may not fit well. On the other hand, those mockups are not free. You either need to pay a product based price or you can purchase a monthly subscription that costs you around $29/month. Following that, you can choose any mockup to download.

2] MockUPhone

Best Websites to Download Mobile and Computer Mockups

MockUPhone is especially for mobile mockups, as the name suggests. Unlike Placeit, MockUPhone is free, and you can download any mockup from their website in a quite good resolution. For example, the iPad mockup size on MockUPhone is more than 1536 x 2048 pixel. Talking about available devices, you will get iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPhone (almost all models), Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy mobiles, HTC One, Motorloa mobiles, Nexus devices and so on. Some of the popular macOS laptops are available as well. For example, you can find MacBook Air, Pro, and so on. Another useful thing is you can get LG and Samsung TV as well. Therefore, if you want to showcase your image on a TV, you can do that as well.

3] Dunnnk

Best Websites to Download Mobile and Computer Mockups

Although the name, Dunnnk, is quite different than usual, you can find a huge collection of mockup including Apple Watch. Apart from that, you will get various iPhones, Android devices, MacBook, iPad, iMac and more others. You can browse each category to find out the best mockup that fits your requirements. Although most of the mockups are available for free, there are some mockups those are paid, and you need to pay a small price to get them on your computer. The fee is as low as $5, and that is how cheap it is. You not only get a mockup but also a backup, which always enriches the photo by 200%, minimum. The best thing is you will also have the option to download the PSD file, in case you want to edit that a bit more so that it fits all your requirements. However, that is not free as well, and you need to pay $10 for getting a PSD file of any mockup enlisted on this website. On the other hand, you can download the mockup with screenshot at a quite good resolution. Although it doesn’t offer a very high resolution, you can find it useful if you want to showcase your app on webpage or so.

4] Smart Mockups

Best Websites to Download Mobile and Computer Mockups

Smart Mockups is yet another very useful website when you want to download some different mockups than usual websites offer. Smart Mockups is on this list because it comes with a huge collection of mockups of computers and mobiles. Not only just mobiles and PCs but also you will get t-shirt, billboard, hats, business cards, wall hanging and more others. Although not all of them are free, you can get some of the good looking mockups in your free account as well. Talking about the pricing, you can have a free account that will let you get less than 200 mockups. On the other hand, it has a premium account option that will let you choose among more than 1200 mockups. The best thing you can customize the mockup a bit according to your wish. Also, you can get a desktop app, and that implies you do not have to open up the website every time you need to download a mockup.

5] Mockupsjar

Best Websites to Download Mobile and Computer Mockups

Mockupsjar is yet another very handy website, which has a collection of quite different mockups. For instance, you find website mockup, water bottle, business card, diary cover, browser and so on. That doesn’t mean you cannot find the usual mobile and computer mockups. However, everything on this website is paid. You may be able to download some mockups from their website for free, but you need an account to manage them accordingly. On the other hand, you should know about their pricing. It will cost you around EUR 5/month. Talking about the quality of Mockupsjar’s mockups, you would not get any defect on them. They are pixel perfect. Regarding collection, you can get find latest iPhone, Android mobile, MacBooks, Frames and more others.

There are more other websites, where you can find a lot of mockups. However, these websites are pretty good regarding pricing, collection and mockup quality. Considering everything, you can try any of these websites.

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