How to Customize Folders in iOS

iOS is indeed an awesome platform for amateur as well as all types of people. It comes with tons of features what do nt need any introduction because of usefulness. You can install loads of free and premium apps from iTunes. On the other hand, the number of apps would be increasing continuously if you can Jailbreak your iDevice.

Customize Folders in iOS

Jailbreak unlocks various things of iPhone and helps users to get more user friendly experience. You can get tons of apps from official app store along with tathird party app repositories. We have been writing about free and premium apps for Jailbroken iDevices since past couple of days and today’s trick is also all about a Jailbreak tweak.

You know that you can easily gather same type of apps in one place and create a folder to get clutter free app drawer. Not only same type of apps but also you can create folder with any two apps. This is nothing but a free method to get uncluttered user interface.

Generally, iOS create folders in blue and the icon remain same as the apps’ icons. Therefore, if you want to get more options to customize the folder of iOS, here you go. There may have tons of reasons you do not like the default folder appearance for. That is why, this Jailbreak tweak will assist you to get it personalized as per your wish.

How to customize folders in iOS?

All you need to install is Folderix, which is a paid Jailbreak tweak and this is available in the Bigboss repository. Folderix is available at just $0.99.

The visual design is simply great and all the included options are well managed in different primary options. At first, you can find Enable/Disable option, which does what it says. That means, you can turn Folderix ON or OFF using the foremost option.


The Respring option will help you to get the change. It will update the Springboard.


The next option is Configuration. Under this option, you can find Animation, Pinch to Close Folder, Hide Page Dots and Folder background color changer.


On the other hand, you can change the background color of any folder. You can choose anyone among Gold, Sky Blue, Indigo, Olive, Deep Pink and many more.


The most useful feature of Folderix is you can switch from one folder to another folder by swiping. You can do so after opening any folder. For instance, suppose, you have a Social App folder and a Shopping related folder, where all your corresponding apps are positioned. After that, you have opened the Shopping folder and want to open Social app folder. Obviously, this is possible to go back and open that separately. However, if you have Folderix, you can just swipe from left to right or right to left to switch between two folders.

Editor’s Note

This is good. However, this jailbreak tweak costs $0.99, which not so expensive. But, certainly, it requires some rework to provide better and more features to change the icon or set only one particular icon for the entire folder etc.

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