Fix: Windows is Showing Wrong Storage of USB Device

If you are a Windows OS user, you may have already got tons of problems those are produced by different causes. If your Windows is showing wrong storage of USB device or it is showing comparatively low memory than what it should be, here is a simple solution.

It happens sometime due to many reasons. For example, you have set up a virtual machine and you have plugged in the pen drive to your computer in order to transfer files. If you haven’t unplugged your device correctly, you can get this problem. On the other hand, suppose, you have used your pen drive or any other USB drive to record TV through D2H set top box. For that, you can get the same issue. However, this problem doesn’t appear directly. At first, you will get an error to access your device. It will ask you to format your pen drive or whatever you are using.

After formatting, you will get this low storage problem. You can find the low storage whenever you will open This PC or Settings panel’s respective option to check the free storage available in any drive.

Source of the problem

Now, to solve this problem, you cannot just format your device or change the Capacity/File System/Allocation unit size during the format because those things won’t work properly in this case. The actual problem is if you are getting such issue, that means your USB device’s storage has been partitioned. Generally, USB device has only one partition and therefore, you can store all the things in just one partition. But, if you are getting this error, that means, the storage has been divided into two or more partitions and only one partition is not hidden and that is why you are getting such a low storage.

Windows is Showing Wrong Storage of USB Device : Fix

To solve this issue, you just have to combine all the partitions, which is not possible manually or without using third party app. So, here is an app called Bootice, which is available for free and Windows 32-bit as well as 64-bit. This free and portable Windows tool can easily fix wrong storage error of USB device. No matter, whether you are getting it in pen drive or external hard disk, but you can easily troubleshoot this problem using Bootice.

At first, download and open Bootice on your Windows PC. On the other hand, plug in your USB device to your computer. At first, you will get a window like this,

Bootice start screen

Click on Parts Manage. Following that, you can find all the partitions that have made due to this error. The memory that you are getting, should be the first partition in this list.

All partitions of error pen drive

Now, select Re-Partitioning. Following that, you can find a window like this,

removable disk repartitioning

Here, you have to change some settings to solve it. Select USB-HDD mode (Single Partition), FAT32 (File system), 1 (Start LBA), 32 (Reserved Secs).

Windows is Showing Wrong Storage of USB Device

After that, hit the OK button. Now, it will be formatted again in order to combine all those partitions. After completing the format, you can get correct storage in your USB device.

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