How to Install Windows Store Apps without Switching to Microsoft Account

After a pretty long time, Microsoft has released an awesome operating system, which is known as Windows 10. It’s been almost a year but still there are millions of people, who are using Windows 8.1 or older version. However, this is very recommended to opt for this newest operating system as soon as possible. Anyway, Microsoft introduced Windows Store in Windows 8, which came with a completely different interface and many few features such as Metro Screen, Win + I menu and more.

In Windows 10, you can find several improvements in Windows Store. This is faster and the interface has got a makeover as well. However, the problem is whenever you will go to install an app from Windows Store, you will have to switch to Microsoft account. You know that, Windows 10 offers two types of accounts to run the machine. These are local account and Microsoft account. If you are using Windows 10 with local account, you will definitely switch to Microsoft account in order to install any app from Windows Store.

Windows Store

However, here is an important thing related to Microsoft account. Suppose, you have used that account in another computer and several changes have been made while using that particular Microsoft account. Therefore, if you add that account to your new Windows 10 computer, all the settings, wallpaper and all the other changes will be implemented on the new PC.

Sometime, this is pretty cool as you do not have to do anything to get all your favorite things like wallpaper, settings etc. However, some time, it can be a hectic if you have computers with different resolution of configuration. Or, suppose, you do not want to get all the settings that your old computer had.

On the other hand, whenever you go to install Windows Store app, you will have to switch your computer to Microsoft account. But, if you do not want to do so and rather than switching to Microsoft account, you just want to make that switch for Windows Store only, here is a solution. This trick will let you install Windows Store app without switching to Microsoft account in Windows 10. It doesn’t mean that you do not need Microsoft account to install Windows Store apps. It means, you do not need to switch your computer to Microsoft account in order to install Windows Store apps.

Install Windows Store Apps without Switching to Microsoft Account

For doing so, you do not need to install any third party software. The Windows 10’s Windows Store offers that option to get things done. Therefore, just select an app that you want to install. After clicking on the Install button, Windows Store will redirect you to make the switch from local account to Microsoft account. Just enter your email ID and password. Following that, it will ask you to enter the Current Windows password. On the same window, you will get an option called Sing in to just this app instead.

Install Windows 10 Store Apps Without Switching to a Microsoft Account

Click on that text to make the switch for only Windows Store. Hope you will like this tiny tutorial.

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