VideoProc – Premium 4K Video Processing Software with Full GPU Acceleration

Don’t you just love it when highest quality videos with incredible visual experiences are treating your eyes? Well, we are sure you do. 4K video offers unmatched video quality with incredibly high resolution. Nowadays, 4K videos can even be shot on smartphones and digital cameras. However, not all devices can play these 4K videos seamlessly

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How To Schedule Email On Gmail Without Third-party App

Undoubtedly, Gmail is one of the best (if not the best) email services out there and if you want to schedule email on Gmail, here is what you need to do. Gmail often offers new features to users. In recent past, they rolled out Confidential Mode. However, now they have made it easy to send

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Man typing on iPhone

How To Schedule SMS On iOS Using Shortcuts

Although Apple has included so many features in the iOS, there is no option to send scheduled text message or SMS from the iOS device. No matter whether you are using an iPhone or Cellular connection enabled iPad, there is no in-built process to send scheduled message to anybody. Many people use various third-party apps

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Clone And Run Multiple Instances of same app on Android

How To Clone And Run Multiple Accounts Of Same App On Android

Let’s assume that you have installed an app that allows users to use it for five minutes or ten minutes. If that is a simple app, most of the people can understand the workflow. However, if that app has a ton of options and you haven’t got them all together, you might want to recheck

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How to uninstall windows 10 updates if pc not booting

How To Uninstall Windows 10 Updates If PC Is Not Booting

Microsoft often rolls out various updates, security patches, etc. so that users keep getting hustle free user experience. However, sometimes some update can cause a serious problem. Many people claimed that their computer is not booting up after installing an update. Some people might ask them to uninstall that update. However, you cannot do that

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How to hide photo on iPhone

How To Hide Photo On iPhone Or iPad

When it comes to stability, people often prefer the iPhone and iPad over an Android mobile or tablet. If you have captured some photos that you want to hide from the public library, you can do that. Here is how to hide photos on iPhone and iPad. There are two different ways to do that.

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Dynamic Wallpaper Club

Best Websites To Download Dynamic Wallpaper for Mac

Like Windows, macOS Mojave users can change the wallpaper automatically throughout the day. Apple introduced this feature so that users can get a different experience while using the latest version of Mac. Some dynamic wallpapers can define the time of the day as well. If you want to set a dynamic wallpaper, you can open

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Google Assistant not working

Fix Google Assistant Or Ok Google Is Not Working On Android Phone

Google Assistant is an essential component of every Android mobile. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Pixel mobile or Samsung made phone, you can certainly use Google Assistant. There are two ways to open Google Assistant on Android phone. First, you can use the voice command, Ok Google. Second, you can use the home

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Enable dark theme in Apple Safari

Enable Dark Mode In Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari For Windows And Mac

Dark mode helps you read content in a low light area without getting any eye strain. Although this is possible to enable system-wide dark mode in Windows and Mac, it is quite tricky to have the same in various browsers. Therefore, this article will let you enable dark mode in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, standard

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Apps Keep Crashing and Freezing on Android

Fix Apps Keep Crashing On Android Mobile

People install different apps right after purchasing a mobile. No matter whether it is an Android phone or iPhone, they install tons of apps on their mobile. If you have done the same but apps are crashing continuously right after opening, you should check out these solutions. Although this is not a common problem, many

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Online Monitor Calibration Tool

Best Online Tools To Calibrate Your Monitor

A physical color calibration tool is always helpful for people like designers. However, if you do not have a physical color calibration tool and you want to calibrate your display, you can check out these online tools. Here are some of the best online tools to calibrate your monitor. It doesn’t matter which monitor you

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How To Get Direct Link Of Any iCloud File From macOS

How To Get Direct Link Of Any iCloud File

If you are using the Apple ecosystem, you are familiar with iCloud Drive. In case you do not know, iCloud is Apple owned cloud storage service, which allows you to store files and use them from Mac and iOS devices. Although you can access iCloud Drive from any other device or operating system, mostly Apple

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EQ – Audio Equalizer

Best YouTube Sound Equalizer Extension for Chrome And Firefox

Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the best and most popular video streaming websites out there. No matter whether you want to listen to some soft music or learn how to cook something, you can find something related to that on YouTube. There are many people, who play music on YouTube while travelling or working from

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Use Phone Camera As Webcam For Windows And Mac

How To Use Phone Camera As Webcam For Windows And Mac

Many people use a webcam to video chat, in a meeting etc. However, if you do not have a webcam or your existing webcam is not working properly, you can use your Android or iOS mobile as a webcam for Windows and Mac computer. Obviously, the inbuilt apps and settings cannot do that, and that

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Fix An error occurred, Please try again later error on YouTube

Fix An error occurred, Please try again later error on YouTube

If you are trying to watch or play a YouTube video but it is showing An error occurred, Please try again later error continuously, you can follow these tips and tricks to fix that issue. Although this is a very rare problem nowadays, people still get it when trying to play a video on YouTube.

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