Bulk UnFollow Inactive Twitter Followers

How to See Follower Stats and Bulk UnFollow Inactive Twitter Followers

There are web based tools to unfollow Twitter followers in bulk but a good idea would be to first see the activity and tweets of your followers and then decide whom to remove from your following list.
How to Control Google Play Music When Screen is Locked on Android

How To Control The Music App On Your Android When The Screen Is Locked

Do you want to control the music or media app on Android without having to unlock the screen? Do you want to play the next or previous tracks or play/pause the current song using hard buttons? Here are some alternatives worth considering.
How to Send Scheduled Emails At Future Date from Gmail, Outlook

Send Scheduled Emails In Future From Your Email Program using LetterMeLater

You can use LetterMelater to schedule and send emails at a future date. The application works with all your email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and even Microsoft outlook and there is nothing to download and install.

How to Disable Automatic Video Playback on Facebook App and Web

Facebook is one of the largest social networking websites in the world which is being used by more than one billion people. Facebook is...

Ink Insider – 7 Ways to Reduce Your Business Printing Expenses

Businesses will always have a series of overheads that impacts their bottom line. Lighting, electricity, water and labor costs. However, one cost that can...
3 Websites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

3 Websites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

If you often make videos for YouTube channel or anything, you might need some different and professional touches to make the video look better....

Freemake Video Converter: A Universal All in One Tool For Video Conversion

Among dozens of video conversion utilities you can find on the market, Freemake Video Converter is definitely worth mentioning. It’s a beautifully designed simple...

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: The Best Android Phone Of 2017?

The Android market is teeming with options for those looking to acquire the best mobile phone in 2017. The wide variety ranges from super-expensive...
Browser Opening An Unknown Page At System Startup

Is Your Browser Opening An Unknown Page At System Startup? Here is The Fix

The other day I ran into a very strange problem. Whenever I restarted my computer, the web browser would open automatically and a particular group...

How to Download Files to Google Drive on Mac and Windows

Mac and Windows are the most popular operating systems for any user. Although there is a never ending war between Mac and Windows according...
Microsoft Excel

Merge Data from an Excel Workbook into a Word Document

Merging data from an Excel spreadsheet or workbook is a very basic, yet powerful tool that can save a tremendous amount of time when...
Create a Kid Friendly Section On Your Android Device With Famigo Sandbox

Create a Kid Friendly Section On Your Android Device With Famigo Sandbox

If you have tech savvy kids and a couple of Android phones or tablet devices, you know how difficult it is to deny them...

What are the Major Differences Between Unblock Proxy and VPN?

Unblock or web based proxies have been extremely helpful and still are. They give you admission to blocked content, which you wouldn’t have been able...

Parental Control Android Protects Your Teenager From Unsafe Internet Content

Internet is not only helpful for adults but is also exceptionally useful and informative for kids. But, the overwhelming variety of content on the...

How to Migrate Disqus Comments Back to WordPress

I used to be a huge fan of Disqus commenting system and preferred it over native commenting system of WordPress. The reason being -...

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