Google Drive is waiting to upload error: 8 ways to fix it.

Most of the people who use Google drive are cursed with a common error namely ‘Google drive is waiting to upload’. Every time you pull down the notification tray of your Android device you get hit by the same nagging error. At times, this particular error pushes us to leave Google drive and look for

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4 Mac Apps For Better Spotify Experience

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services out there, which is being used by countless people from around the world. No matter whether you want to listen to soft music, jazz, folk, rock, or anything else, you can undoubtedly find your favorite music on Spotify. If you have a Spotify account and

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MusixMatch Lyrics

Best Android And iOS Apps To Find Song Lyrics

Who doesn’t like to listen to some music? Although different people have different taste, almost all people want to listen to music according to their choice. However, let’s assume that you are listening to a song in a foreign language and you cannot understand the lyrics. At such moments, many people try to find the

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Best Websites To Track And Check Movie And Web Series Info

There is a very low amount of people who do not watch movies or TV series. Nowadays, almost everyone watches movies, TV shows, web series, etc. on various online video streaming sites and television. If you are an avid movie watcher, and you want to track every information related to a movie, TV show, web

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Remote Access Software and Screen Sharing tools: Best in 2019

In today’s fast life, we don’t have a blade of time to share or even meet our near-dear one. Need has geographically scattered our offices too. So, how to work together as a team in this ordered chaos? Thankfully, remote access software with screen sharing ability can bridge this gap. So, this topic is focused

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How To Download Or Backup Facebook Messages Or Conversations

There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular and most prominent social networking website out there. Over a billion people are using Facebook. There are countless reasons, why Facebook is popular, and one of the reasons is compatibility and features. We often talk to someone related to business, family, etc. If you want

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Chromium Based Microsoft Edge On Windows 10

How To Download Chromium Based Microsoft Edge On Windows 10

Microsoft has been testing a Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser since a quite long time now, and finally, they have launched the Preview version for the users so that people can try and help them improve it over the time. If you want to try the old interface in a new browser, do check out

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This Cloud Storage Service Has way Better Pricing than Dropbox

Deciding on a cloud storage solution is a difficult task since the existing options are diverse. On a market dominated by American giants such as Google Drive and Dropbox, a new competitor is taking its place – the Swiss-based cloud storage provider pCloud. The company offers up to 10 GB free storage and an industry-first

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How To Import Facebook Events In Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCloud Calendar

There are many tools such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCloud Calendar that may help you organize your appointments, schedules, work and many more. There many people, who want to wish on a friend’s birthday, or check out upcoming events on Facebook. However, some people do not like to open Facebook all the times to

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Windows Defender Application Guard browser extension

How To Setup And Use Windows Defender Application Guard

Windows Defender has been a great security shield for Windows. A couple of days back, Microsoft rolled out two new browser extensions that are based on Windows Defender. One extension is for Google Chrome, and the other one is for Mozilla Firefox. Both do the same job. This extension is called Windows Defender Application Guest,

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Apple Diagnostics

How To Detect Mac Hardware Problems With Apple Diagnostics

Apple’s Mac computers are pretty feature-rich in terms of hardware as well as software. It does pretty much all the jobs without any lag. However, if you are getting some problems with your MacBook or iMac, you can detect problems with Apple Diagnostics. Although it doesn’t fix the problem, it will let you recognize the

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VPN Kill Switch

What Is VPN Kill Switch And Why Do You Need This

Using a VPN is a must for every internet user but choosing a VPN is quite difficult. There are certain features you should check out before opting for a VPN service or app. For example, VPN Kill Switch. It helps you protect your privacy even when you are using a VPN service. If you do

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Wi-Fi Router

How To Share Wi-Fi Without Sharing Password In Android Q

Many times, we need to share the Wi-Fi with some friends or someone, who has come to your house or office. Obviously, sharing the Wi-Fi password is not a good option for many people. If you are one of them, and you want to share Wi-Fi without sharing a password, you can do that if

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Money written on Dollar

Best Services To Send And Receive Money Online

Undoubtedly, internet banking is a reliable method to send and receive money. No matter whether someone is in your country or abroad, you can certainly send him money or receive from him without any issue. However, if you want to try a different tool or service, do check out this article. Here are some of

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Twitter for mobile

How To Enable Dark Mode On Twitter For iOS

If you need the best microblogging platform, there is no substitute for Twitter. Twitter has been sitting on top of the microblogging platform for a long time, and that is just because of having quality content. You can access Twitter from almost any platform because of the website and mobile apps. Although iPhone and iPad

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