How to post long tweets that are more than 140 characters

Twitter being a place of large number of people we choose to talk a lot there. Making friends, or simply connections cannot suffice within just 140 characters that Twitter lets us to post as a tweet. Let us venture into the web for some nice tools that lets us break the barrier of text limitation & post long tweets with as many texts as we wish to.

Twit Wall :

The concept of micro-blogging was so liked by Michael E. Carluen, the product development guy at 365labs, that he started his own & named it TwitWall.

It has a very easy to use interface with many other useful options. Login with your twitter account or create a free account for TwitWall there.

While you tweet you can add title to your tweet & then the longer tweet as the content. Most common formatting features are available. You can also add files or even a podcast to your tweet. Whenever the post is submitted it lets its readers to share it on Facebook and many other platforms & also a scheduled retweet which is pretty neat.


While the post is tweeted in Twitter it shows the title as a tweet & a shortened url which links back to the published content in TwitWall shown above.


Twitlonger :

Stuart Gibson came up with this app. This is one hell of a tool, much easier to use than any other. The best thing about it is that security is no more a concern. They do not need your passwords anymore. They made a switch to Oauth for the authentication issue. Anyways you can revoke access to Twitlonger anytime you choose without compromising your password.

Well tweeting is a pretty easy stuff easy here with no more utilities like adding files or sort of stuff. Simply text is all you can do. but that’s enough for us I think. Add as many as you need to talk.


Well in your twitter homepage, a selected part from the text will be shown with a shortened url that links to the original text in Twitlonger micro-blogging website.



This is also something pretty easy to use while you need to post long tweets. Just type in the text, provide your Twitter account username & password & hit “Tweet This!”. Some most common text formatting options are available also. The twitter view is similar to the earlier two tools.



This tool lets you add the text & save it first & then generate a shortened url of the text that you just entered.

Once the url is generated you will be prompted to “Tweet This” to your Twitter account which shows the url as a tweet. Tweet it then.



Well as we know, anything and everything is virtually possible with Mozilla Firefox. It actually has an Quick Paste addon which lets you generate a tinypaste shortened url of any selected text & then copy paste that to your Twitter account as a Tweet & thereby post long tweets.

Well you can also do this without installing the add-on. Go to the Tinypaste website & do the same stuff of generating a tinypaste shortened url & then paste it to your Twitter.


Tweet Cut

This tool is a neat tool, which simply looks for some common words in your long tweet that can be abbreviated to a smaller word. Like “to” – 2, “members” – membrs, “dedicated” – dedic8d etc. Though the technique is pretty decent, but it is effective only if your text contains the words to abbreviate in their glossary. Else it simply doesn’t work.


Maxi Tweet

This is not necessarily a good way to tweet a longer tweet, but the reason I have enlisted these here is the concept of compressing tweets employed here.

The concept implied her is just called XX5, which is a decrypted text that can be read with bare eyes. Well just write down your tweet fine tune it with compression meter. And now tweet it.

Though if you use too much compression the tweet will simply look awful like the one shown below.

Well this is certainly not the tool to post long tweets for now, but hope it gets better in coming days. You may also like to read 10 Twitter tools that actually save your time.

On an ending note I must say that there are many more tools that are still out there or are just waiting to come which will post long tweets for you. The listing here is strictly based on the tools I use the most. Well, it would be nice, if you could share some more of them in the comments. Happy Twittering guys !!!

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