Run Google Drive from USB- Portability Solution

There are more than one reason for using the portable versions of all the available applications we care for in our daily professional or academical life. For the most of us Google Drive tops the list. In this article I will walk you through the entire process by which you will be able to install and run Google Drive from USB or a flash drive.

Google drive has become one of the most popular cloud storages we use today. It had replaced Google cloud Connect application around two years back with a 100% success. Admittedly,  we can download connect and stay synced with it from the every corner earth. Still, we need to carry a full-fledged device to reach our files on Google drive as I do not trust public cyber cafes much. Syncdocs Portable fill this gap, which helps you to install and run Google Drive from your USB drive.

Prepare your USB drive for portable apps

Go to and download its latest platform. It’s a mere 3 MB file to download and thankfully, without investing a dime. Before we go ahead, you need to plug-in your USB drive on your computer and backup all the data it contains on a separate data storage location. Now, format the USB drive as we need a clean memory storage to start.

Run the ‘PortableApps.com_Platform_setup.exe’ file and Install it on the root directory of your thumb or USB drive like I have tried on the screenshot below. The installation process is quite similar that we used to execute normally.




A window, pretty much like Windows 7 start menus, will pop up confirming the successful installation of the on your USB drive. You will get to access all types of files you care for. Moreover, you can install a portable version of any available apps on it. You can also reshape the default theme from the ‘Options’ button. The Spartan interface is really going to appeal you.

Moreover, it will take hardly a blade of time to search and fetch the entire list of the available portable apps it can install and run from your USB drive. Thankfully, you don’t even have to lift a finger as it will automatically execute this process.



SyncDocs Portable- Google Drive is on your USB

Now, when your USB drive is portable app ready we will move to the next step. In this we will download and install the portable version of SyncDocs, namely, ‘SyncDocsPortable‘. The basic difference between this two files are that, one is having the .exe  extension and the other having .paf.exe. We need the file which ends with ‘.paf.exe’ in order to run Google Drive from USB drive.

SImply, download the file which is pretty low on memory and install the app on the USB drive under PortableApps. com. When the download is complete, launch PortableApps from your USB drive. Hit the ‘Apps’ button on the window and choose ‘Install a new App as shown on the screenshot ‘ above.

When the installation gets completed, it will ask you to connect it to your Google Drive account to get the necessary access to your files it needs, for the syncing purpose.


Move on and check the option box which clearly tells that you agree to the terms & conditions. Hit next to initiate the authentication and syncing process. If things do not get glitchy, you will find the Syncdocs icon on the task bar, calmly syncing your google drive with it on your USB drive.


can also authorise the service within Google through OAuth service which permits you to authenticate or revoke Syncdocs using the standard Google permissions console.

Simply, move to your desktop’s task bar and locate the Syncdocs icon. Hover your mouse pointer over it and make a right-click. Now, from the flickered out options box choose ‘preferences’. Further choose ‘advanced options’ and from there select ‘Account’ tab. The required windows is alike the screenshot below.


This simple yet powerful app offers an array of features. It’s regular sync settings are good but we can customized it to the best. Under advanced settings you will get those much-needed fields, you want to alter according to your internet connection’s strength, usage and availability. You can upload local files to your Google Drive and vice versa.

Moreover, you can take a backup of your contacts list, daily. Now, you can generate and edit docs, drag and drop a file to upload to Drive, download from Drive and much more. If you think that this sync process is gobbling up the major chunk of your bandwidth, thankfully, you can restrict the download speed also with customized sync timings. Smart. Right?


Make every computer like the one on your workstation. Simply, plug the USB, launch the PortableApps suite and run SyncDocs portable from it. Your Google Drive is ready to rock. Stay synced. Stay Happy.

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