Use Adobe SendNow to Share Large Files Online

Email is still one of the most popular methods to share files with online friends and contacts. But the problem with Email is the file size limit – most email providers won’t allow you to upload files that have more than 25 MB file size.

An alternative way for sharing large files would be to use online file sharing services like Dropbox, Windows live skydrive but novice user’s either don’t use them or they are too lazy installing the respective desktop clients, uploading the files and then sharing them with other people. Again there are social file sharing apps like Divshare for Facebook, but these applications are too basic and don’t offer much features.

Adobe SendNow is a new file sharing service which allows users to send and receive large files from anyone. The advantage of Adobe Sendnow is that you do not need a desktop client to upload the files and can simply use your browser to upload or download the files shared by others.

To get started, sign up for a free Adobe account and go to the Sendnow dashboard. Select the files you want to upload, enter an email address, add a title and off you go.

Share and receive large Files Using Adobe SendNow

The chosen file will be uploaded to Adobe’s servers and a link will be forwarded to the recipient (multiple people are supported). The receiver can download the file without requiring an Adobe account.

The free version of Adobe Sendnow has some limitations. For example – you can’t upload files more than 100 MB in size and neither you an attach multiple files and share them in one shot. The shared file will be available only for 7 days, so the service can not be used as a download repository for frequently needed files by your clients, colleagues or other friends.

The maximum storage available is again very less (500 MB) and neither you can share MP3, EXE, videos. However, the service works fine with office documents, PDF’s, images and small zipped archives.

If you want more features, you can upgrade to a premium account by paying $9.99 a month. The premium edition allows a hefty 20 GB of storage, with 2GB file size limit. Also, there aren’t any file type restrictions and you can even track the downloads and get email notification when the receiver downloads your shared file.

Following is a brief comparison of Adobe Sendnow’s free and premium plans:

Adobe Sendnow Plan Features

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