Windscribe: Free 10 GB VPN Tool for Windows

Windows is certainly an awesome operating system as thousands of free tools are available for this OS. No matter, what is your problem but you can definitely get a tool to get help and solve your problem. Anyway, VPN is a useful part of internet that helps to connect to the internet in a different way.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a gateway to enter and explore more sites those are generally blocked by default. For example, Spotify is not available in India but still you can find several Indian users of Spotify. How do they use when it is blocked in India?

They use VPN to change the IP address of their computer to access region blocked websites. There are many other websites, which is blocked in different countries and you can access them with the help of VPN.

VPN for Windows

There are many web browsers which come with in-built VPN. For example, you can install Opera Developers, Vivaldi, Tor etc. to get in-built and unlimited VPN access. However, if you are using other web browsers, you can simply opt for a third party VPN app like Hola, ZenMate etc.

Although, most of the VPN tool are available for free but you cannot get unlimited bandwidth. Almost all the VPN are bounded by limited bandwidth. Therefore, today you are going to be introduced to such a free VPN app that comes with 10GB bandwidth. For a regular user, 10GB should be enough to musk the IP address.

Windscribe: Free 10 GB VPN Tool for Windows

Introducing WindScribe, which is a free VPN app that is available for Windows. You can download Windscribe to Windows 7 and later version. However, the Chrome extension can also be installed, which will unlock more features. One of the best features of Windscribe is you can get almost 10 different countries to connect to the internet. That means, you can get 10 different IP addresses to get connected. Another good thing is you can get signal strength of those IP addresses so that you can get best signal and better speed.

This is very easy to turn on or off the VPN on your Windows. There is also a bandwidth calculator so that you can check how much bandwidth is remaining as of now. The firewall can be turned on easily while turning on the VPN on your Windows PC.

To use Windscribe, at first, download and install it. After opening it, you will be greeted with the following screen,

Create account in windscribe

It implies you need to create an account to get the features. Therefore, create account and sign in to your account in this tool. After that, the following window will come out,

Windscribe start screen

Just hit the ON/OFF button. Then, you can select a country from the list.

Select country in Windscribe

That’s it. Now, you can search for “what is my IP” on Google. You will get a different IP address and the location would be different as well.

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