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Top 5 Most Popular and Less Known Android Apps by Microsoft

Microsoft is a giant of software development. Even though, Microsoft has their own platform to run mobile phones but still they have been developing various useful Android apps since past couple of years. As of now, they have launched more than 40 apps for Android and almost all of them are much useful. Just like

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How to Replace Bing Search with Google in MS Word 2013

There is no doubt that Bing is a great search engine that is being managed by Microsoft, the most popular software company out there. Bing is much more popular among Windows Phone lovers and Google, on the other hand, is more popular among Android, iOS and Windows PC lovers. You know that writing is an

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and .NET Core Stack goes Free

Net neutrality has been the word of the neoteric internet activists and they have been pretty vocal about this. Embracing this certitude, Microsoft, couple of days back, launched the brand new, free of cost, full featured version of Visual Studio, namely, Visual Studio Community 2013¬†which is now ready for downloading. It’s for the hardcore developers

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Microsoft to Launch Next Lock Screen for Busy Professionals

If you always stick with your busy schedule alongside your mobile for making calls, sending SMS/email etc. here is an app that will assist you to save a little amount of your valuable time. Microsoft has been developing so many apps and their current project called Microsoft Garage is now set to launch some apps

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