How to Build your Own Crowdfunding site with WordPress

There already exist some well acclaimed names like, Kickstarter, Indiegogo and RocketHub when crowdfunding is concerned. This area of web is still not that populated enough that can manufacture a standard competition. Pioneers always establish their own rules and the world follow those. Now, you can change it. You can build your own crowdfunding site with WordPress.

If you are new to this word then, crowdfunding is a process which has aided and guided numerous individuals and small entrepreneurs to showcase their ground breaking products to this world and and helped them to hit the success. Factually, it’s the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. To me, it’s a chance to every dreamer who thinks their idea or product will solve a obligatory problem, on which no one has invested a blade of time.

WordPress, for the last 5 years or so, already has surfaced as a benchmark for the bloggers across the world. Admittedly, most of the web surfers, now, are aware of its simple yet intelligent interface. So, I just decided to share my limited knowledge on how to build your own crowdfunding site preferably, with WordPress.

It’s IgnitionDeck, a simple WordPress plugin or an entire crowdfunding system. Lets start,

Pricing Plans

Believe me, it’s the most important part of the whole story. Where, other crowdfunding sites demand a certain percentage of your raised(with a big if) money, IgnitionDeck just demands a justified and a reasonable fixed price. I just have calculated the pricing comparisons for a project which would pledge an average $10,000.




A mere $79 includes all for the pledge value of $10,000. The image above clearly depicts the differences. If the pledged amount of your project is higher than it, differences will go up proportionately. There are two more pricing plans of IgnitionDeck which cost $149(for medium business) and $449(Enterprise solution). So, there is a plan for everyone. Moreover, where Indiegogo and RocketHub charge extra bucks for every failed project, it commits to its users a free recurring pledges for all, starting from the $149 pack. Need anything more?

Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Projects, Single price

If you are starting with the $79 starter pack, you will get a whole crowdfunding system for all of your websites covering your every single project and thankfully, in a single plan. You will get nearly everything to launch your dream project. An IgnitionDeck plugin for all of your websites which boasts a paypal payment facility, a crowdfunding dedicated 500 framework for to start your own crowdfunding site, an extra useful extension for free and lastly, a kickstarter importer by which you will be able to import data directly from Kickstarter to your IgnitionDeck powered site.

You can also purchase these products individually for your customized goals.




It supports all the major online payment services which already includes, Bitcoin and Amazon. So, getting fund from the every corner of this planet is a hassle free task with IgnitionDeck. Lastly, with a free 500 theme framework and IgnitionDeck Valet(if you are starting from a scratch) service, it’s really boasts the quality to combat with any rich crowdfunding service.

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