Check pc compatibility for games, within a minute!

Check pc compatibility for games in next to no time

Games! We love playing games. Don’t we? However, the purpose of playing games is contrasting for everyone. Some play it to kill the boredom. Some play it for the sake of saving their names against their strongest competitors in the gaming arena. For some, playing games is a sacred ritual, for others games are addictive. So in short, games are an important component of our everyday life in some way or the other.You would agree on this, it happens at times, when we buy a long awaiting or a favourite game title. But, when we try to run the game on the pc, it returns back with an unheard error. That’s one major issue with the retail game shops in India. If you buy a game and it doesn’t run on your pc or doesn’t perform as expected, doh! Your money is gone. Most of the these retailers have no-return policy. The game that you bought with so much enthusiasm is of no use now. How could someone check pc compatibility for games at a retail store without a single run?

If you are one of those, who have gone through this odd situation before or someone who demands to play games but before opting one and wants to check pc compatibility for games, must check out this mighty website called “canyourunit(Can you run it).

Yes, that’s correct. This is what it is (too straight, ah?). A website that checks pc compatibility for games and let you know if your pc can run the chosen games or not. Want to know how it works? We bet you do. Read on:

1. Visit canyourunit

check pc compatibility for games- can you run it - homepage2. Next, key in the title you want to check your pc’s compatibility with. You can find the game title in the list as well.

check pc compatibility for games- canyourunit - select game

3. Once found the requisite game, click “can you run it” button.

check pc compatibility for games - canyourunit - run it

4. Now, select the detection method. This gives you two choices, if you are a kind of gamer who run games on the pc once in a while, select the “Automatic detection” method that is fast and easy. It installs the extension right in your browser and can run right at spot. Next option is to install it as a “Desktop app”, so you could run it from your desktop without the need of accessing the website. This proves handy if you are an avid gamer and test or play games a lot day in, day out.

check pc compatibility for games- canyourunit - detection menu

5. Select the detection method of your choice.

6. For this tutorial, we have selected the automatic detection method. Next, allow the Java installation.

check pc compatibility for games - canyourunit - installing the plugin

7. It installs and triggers the automatic detection tool in your browser and start checking your pc’s hardware performance for the selected game. The resulting window shows the detection results. It has three measures, Slow Medium and Fast. The bar in this window moves on the basis of your pc’s hardware compatibility with the selected game and gives a painless view of how the game will perform on your machine.

check pc compatibility for games- result 1 - canyourunit

8. If you scroll down you will find detailed information of which hardware component is unable to handle the game. If the minimum requirements are met, the game can run on your pc with the lowest settings possible. Meeting the recommended level would mean that your pc is able enough to run the game with decent FPS. If some part of your pc isn’t compatible, you can follow the upgrade suggestions as well.

check pc compatibility for games- result details - canyourunit is a very handy website which makes it more than easy to check pc compatibility for games. Be it a latest or an old game title. Now, you do not need to run around for suggestions or download and run the trail versions to check pc compatibility for games. So, go on, give it a whirl. It’s worth a shot.



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