Different Ways To Record iPhone Screen

Let’s assume that you have a YouTube channel, and you want to share your iPhone Screen on YouTube. Or you are facing a problem on your mobile, and you want to ask for help by showing a video to your friend or someone else. If so, you can try out these methods to record your iPhone screen. Although Apple has already included a function to record your screen, we have collected some other apps to do the same. Most of the apps included in this list are free, but you might need to pay some money to unlock all the features and delete all the barriers.

1] Use In-built Screen Recorder

This is the best method available on your iPhone and all the other iOS devices running iOS 11 or the later version. Previously there was no such Screen Recorder included in iPhone or other iOS devices.  However, Apple has already covered this functionality in their gadgets so that users can record their screen and share it with anybody on social media or other video broadcasting websites such as YouTube. No matter which iPhone you are using, if you have iOS 11 or the latest version, you can record your screen with the help of this inbuilt Screen Recorder functionality. To make use of this option, you need to swipe from bottom to top so that you can open the Control Centre where you can find the corresponding option. While recording, it shows a notification on the screen so that you can know if the screen recording is activated or not. To stop the screen recording on your iPhone, you need to click the red button.

If you need more options and flexibility on your iPhone while recording your screen, you can check out the following apps.

2] TechSmith Capture

Different Ways To Record iPhone Screen

This is one of the best and free Screen Recorder apps available for the iPhone as well as iPad. No matter whether you want to record your screen for YouTube videos or to showcase an issue to your friend, you can use it for your benefit. The user interface of this tool is neat and clean, and that is why people like it the most. The second reason for the popularity of this app is that there is no limit on screen recording, and you can manage all the recordings from a file manager included in it. According to the official statement, you must have iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad to install this app, but the download page says that you should have iOS 12.1 to install it from the official app store. As mentioned earlier, you do not need to pay anything to download and install the app on your iOS device. Download

3] DU Recorder – Screen Recorder

Different Ways To Record iPhone Screen

This is another Screen Recorder software that is available for iPhone as well as iPad. Before getting started, just make sure you have iOS 11 or any other later version so that you can download it from the official app store. This iPhone screen recording app is available for free, but you need to spend money to purchase the premium version so that you can unlock all the features and get more flexibility. The premium plans start from $8, and it goes up to $60. Talking about features, you can record your screen, live stream your high-quality videos, and share the live stream with anyone, including your friends and family. The next big thing about the software is that you can get a basic video editing panel where you can edit your videos before uploading them to somewhere such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Download

4] AirShou

If you have an older version of iOS and it is jailbroken, you can use this app to record your screen of your iPhone or iPad. This screen recording application is available for free, and you can download it on any jailbroken iOS device. The user interface is pretty good, and you cannot find any clutter. The next big thing about this application is that you can find a file manager where you can access all your screen recordings. Download

5] QuickTime Player On macOS

If you have a Mac computer such as Macbook, you can use the Quicktime Player on your computer to record your iPhone Screen. This is very easy to record an iOS device screen on your Mac if you know the process extensively. If you do not know the method to record your screen, you can check out this tutorial to get your job done. The best thing about this method is that you do not need to install any third-party software on your Mac for your iOS device since Quicktime Player is a native application of the Apple ecosystem. To get started with Quicktime Player on Mac OS, you need to connect your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch with a Mac computer via USB cable. Following that, you need to launch the Quicktime Player on your Mac and start a new movie recording. As the source, you need to select your iPhone or any other iOS device screen. Following that, whatever you will do on your iOS device, it will be recorded on your Mac computer and saved it automatically.

6] ScreenFlow 8 For Mac

Different Ways To Record iPhone Screen

ScreenFlow is available for Mac, but you need to spend a lot of money to download the software from the official app repository. Talking about the price, you need to pay $130 to purchase it from the Mac App Store. Although this is a paid software, it is worth the money as it comes with tons of functionalities that you might need before uploading videos on a video broadcasting website like YouTube, or an image sharing website like Instagram, or a social media website like Facebook.  The primary intention of this application is to edit your video, but you can use this tool to record your iPhone Screen. Download

There are several other tools to record your iPhone screen, but these are some of the best options you can find right now in the market. If you need more than just a screen recording application, you can opt for the last one called ScreenFlow. However, if you wish to record your screen to show our issue or to your friend for any service center, you can use the very first option mentioned in this list.

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