How to Download Google Fonts using SkyFonts

Google Fonts is one of the free font repository that can be used by any kind of people. If you are a web designer and design various websites, you can pick any font from Google Fonts. On the other hand, if you are a regular computer user and want to use a different font to write content in Word or Notepad, you can also use Google Fonts. This is very easy to install Google Fonts on your computer and use them according to your requirements. But, if you do not want to download them to your PC and still use it without downloading, here is a trick.

Introducing SkyFonts, which is a software that helps users to gather all the fonts from various repositories like Google Fonts, MyFonts, and more others. Although, you need to have account to install fronts from MyFonts and other repositories, but you can certainly install any font from Google Fonts without having any Google account.


Actually, SkyFonts helps users to synchronize all the fonts according to your wish. You can select particular font to be synchronized instead of using all the font from this repository. On the other hand, SkyFonts is a free software available for Windows as well as Mac.

Download Google Fonts using SkyFonts

Although, Google Fonts itself promotes SkyFonts while downloading any font from the official repository but most of the people often ignore it and download selected Google font from the official website. However, now you can download Google Fonts using SkyFonts. This time, we are about to use the standalone SKyFonts app to download and install Google Fonts.

Before downloading SkyFonts app, you should that you must have Windows 7 or later version and Mac OS X 10.7 or later version. Otherwise, you cannot install SkyFonts on your computer. Therefore, download and install SkyFonts from this page. Visit this page and click on Install SkyFonts button. Therefore, you will have to choose your operating system.

After downloading and install SkyFonts on your computer, you can find a similar to this,

SkyFonts installation complete

Therefore, open the same page where you have downloaded the app from. This time, click on Browse Google Fonts button.

Browse Google Fonts in SkyFonts

Then, you will get a popup menu, where you can find all the Google Fonts. Now, choose a particular font, click on SkyFonts and Add buttons respectively.

Download Google Fonts using SkyFonts

This will let you download a particular font. But, if you want to download the entire font family (regular, font-weight: 300,400,500,700 etc.), you can make a tick in the checkbox that is positioned prior to Add entire family and click on Add button respectively. After that, you can find a success message like this,

Google Font installation complete message

At the same time, this type of notification will be appeared on your screen.

Google Font installation complete

That’s it! Hoep this little trick would be helpful for you.

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