How To Use Google Maps For Cycling Directions

Google Maps is one of the best navigation systems a regular person can own. No matter whether you want to go from one place to another or you want to find some tourist spots, everything is possible with the help of Google Maps. Previously, Google Maps provided only walking, driving, and riding directions. However, now you can use Google Maps for cycling directions. Here is how you can do that.

What is cycling directions?

Cycling is great exercise. It can be done by a six as well as sixty years old person. If your home and work distance is not that much, you can do cycling to go to work. On the other hand, you can use your bicycle to cover short distances. Many people like to use their bikes for different purposes. From going to work to go somewhere, people use this environment-friendly form of transport everywhere.

If you are one of them, and you want to find the shortest route while going somewhere, you should install this application called Google Maps.

Although Google has not released the cycling feature for all people across the globe, you may find this option being in the US or UK. Therefore, if you live in such a country, where the cycling directions in Google Maps is available, you should read this article. Here is everything you need to know this particular functionality.

If you use the driving direction or riding direction, you may often have to consume more time than cycling. As you have a bicycle, you should use this functionality instead of using the riding direction. Google Maps shows shorter and bicycle-friendly routes so that you reach your destination very quickly. You may get a different route than a car or motorcycle.

How To Use Google Maps For Cycling Direction

Using the cycling direction is pretty straightforward and not much time consuming as well. All you need is to select a different mode of transport while searching for a route on Google Maps. This feature is available in all the mobile apps and the web version of Google Maps. Having said that, you can find this option despite using iPhone, Android phone, iPad, PC, etc.

To get started, at first, you need to search for your destination. Google Maps shows driving directions first. You need to change the form of transport. To do so, swipe the transport mode list from right to left and select bicycle.

How To Use Google Maps For Cycling Direction

Now it would show the cycling directions on your screen. Following that, everything is the same. That means you can preview the route and start the navigation accordingly.

Cycling Not Available Error In Google Maps

Many times you may get an error called “Cycling not available.” This error message appears when you in such a location where the cycling direction of Google Maps is not launched yet. For example, there are several places in India where you cannot find the cycling direction option. At such locations, you need to use the riding or driving option or other modes of transport, i.e. public transport, paid cab, etc.

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