Imagine: Best GIF File Viewer and Editor for Windows

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is probably the most trending image file format on social media. Mainly on Facebook, this is very trending as Facebook now lets you upload GIF image to your account and share it with anybody. However, on Windows, you may find some problems to open the GIF image. This is because of having no GIF file opener. Although, browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox etc. opens GIF image without any problem, but, this is not so good to open a new tab in your browser each time when you try to view a GIF image.

Therefore, to solve this particular issue, you can download a third party GIF file viewer, which will let you provide more options and advantage. There is an awesome GIF file viewer and editor for Windows that is called Imagine. Imagine is a freeware for Windows, which is available for almost all versions of Windows.

By making use of Imagine, you can easily view and editor GIF images on your Windows computer. Talking about the system requirements, you should have at least Pentium CPU, 32MB memory etc. In other words, there is no other special system requirement for installing this software on your computer.

On the other hand, this is very easy to use software. Although, the number of features is pretty high but you can certainly make them out within moments as they are not much complicated. The best part is Imagine is a portable software, which means you do not have to install any third party software. Another good thing of this tool is you can open almost all formats of image including ICO, PSD and more. Generally, image viewers do not allow users to open these two formats, but you can certainly open ICO and PSD files without having respective software like Photoshop etc.

To open any GIF image using Imagine, at first, download it to your computer from by visiting here. Following that, open it and explore your images. You will get a navigation menu, which is useful to navigate through various folders. After opening a GIF image, it should look like this,

Imagine Best GIF File Viewer and Editor for Windows

Now, you can check different things like image resolution, zoom in/out, frames, load time and more others. On the other hand, this is also possible to use grey-style, black & white, negative etc. effects on the original one. At the same time, this is possible to use cut-copy-paste options to cut/copy an image. It means, you can crop an image according to your wish.

Apart from that, this is possible to save a GIF image in any other standard image formats. For example, if you want to save a frame to JPEG, you can simply pause the playing and use File >> Save as option to do so. The very next thing is Animation Editor, which you can get by navigating Tools >> Animation Editor.

Imagine Best GIF File Viewer

Here you can check each frame of a GIF image. Not only that, but also this is possible add or remove frames, set transparency and more others. The editing panel is full of features that can be used to get a professional GIF image.

Hope this little portable tool would be helpful for you.

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