What is an Inactive Account Manager in Google? How to Setup and Use

In today’s world, everyone is an internet surfer. Having Google account is a must have of an internet user now because Google is providing all the basic services to the users. When you create a Gmail ID, a Google account is automatically created. Google allows users to use an Inactive Account Manager that helps you perform a task if an account is inactive for a particular amount of time. It will be done automatically by Google and any person having a Google account can set it up. Learn more about the Inactive Account Manager, what is it, how to use it and more with the help of this article.

What is an Inactive Account Manager?

According to Google, everyone needs to setup an Inactive Account Manager since it helps users in case of sudden death or accident. Let’s assume that someone has setup a lot of things with his Gmail account and he/she doesn’t want to keep those things after death. By default, Google keeps the Gmail account or Google account forever unless you setup Inactive Account Manager. If someone has set it up, his/her Google account will be deleted after the death of that person.

How does Google detect activity?

Google can track your activity using various things. If you are using an Android mobile, it becomes quite easy for Google to track your activities. Almost all the Android users have a Google account and Google can track your activities from your phone. Apart from that, they can track last sign-in information of your Gmail account. On the other hand, it can fetch info from Google Maps, and other Google apps.

What happens when Google cannot find any activity?

When Google cannot detect any activity, they will contact your trusted contact. There are two things you can do. First, you can either share your Google account information or details with your trusted contact. Second, you can delete the Google account on behalf of you.

In case, you haven’t used your Google account in a while, and Google has deleted your account, you cannot recover that account. That might be a drawback, but Google contacts your Trusted contacts’ e-mail ID and phone number before deleting the account.

When does Google contact and How?

As mentioned earlier, Google contacts your trusted contact via email as well as mobile number. This is possible to set 3 months as well as 18 months. It doesn’t matter what time you choose; your contact will get an email before one month. In other words, if you have selected three months, your contact will get a notification after two months and so on.

In case, you have allowed your trusted contact to download your data, he/she will get an email like this-

How to setup and Use Inactive Account Manager?

This is very easy and not much time consuming as well. As this is a Google product, you won’t have any problem at all. To get started, visit this page and sign into your Google account. After that, you should get an option called START.

What is Inactive Account Manager in Google How to Setup and Use

Therefore, you can find some options to select these things-

  • Time of inactivity
  • Your mobile number and E-mail ID where you want to get notification
  • A recovery email

In the next step, you can add a trusted person’s email ID. This is possible to add up to 10 people. You can also include the option to allow those people to download your account data.

In the next step, you will get an option to delete your inactive Google account. Enable this option and click the REVIEW PLAN button. After that, you can confirm the change and enable it for your account.

That’s all! This is very easy to set up, but most of the people do not know about this. Hope it will help you a lot.

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