Install, Access WordPress Sites through Command Line with These Tools

I am an ardent hobbyist, when it comes to coding. Sometimes, it’s the hard way to make things rolling, but coders’ love to their work outweighs this hardness, every single time. Not success, learning new ways has been the sole motivation for them and will be. Sharing the same vision, I have always tried to find an alternative way for every known workarounds. Recently, I was struggling to access WordPress sites through command line and finally, I stumbled upon these handy tools. I found these tools to be really helpful for winning my concerns.



WP-cli is a collection of tools that will sanction you an access to a WordPress installation or multiple installations through the command line. Any web browser’s intervention will not be a necessity. This assemblage of tools usually works on UNIX environments and it also works with Mac OS X, LINUX, FreeBSD, AmigaOS etc. Firstly, one needs to download the tool, which is available as a ‘phar’ file. The file type ‘phar’, stands for ‘PHP Archive’, typically a bundle of all the needed files in one place. The other requirements are pretty affordable like, PHP 5.3.2 or later and WordPress 3.5.2 or later.

If you own a device that runs on Linux or mac OS X, you can execute ‘cURL’ or ‘wget’ command tools to download the file, ‘wp-cli.phar’, through your terminal as both of these programs support an access to web servers. If you are working on a Windows platform, then ‘BITSAdmin‘ command line tools will surely come in handy. Another sailing way can be wget for windows. There are other tools, which can engineer you to the same destination. Just, make the downloaded ‘wp-cli.phar’ files executable and also move the same for the availability from every directory. Now, on this point, navigate to the WordPress root folder and start playing.

If it’s appearing a bit chaotic for you to start with any command, just feel free to start with ‘wp help’. Added to this, you can also start with ‘wp help <command>’ for searching any specific command. With WP-cli, you can access WordPress sites through command line, update plugins, set up multiple WordPress installs, manage cron events and schedules, execute basic database operations and much more. This tool set is pretty versatile and has everything to offer to its users.


Just imagine, a single command will hold enough potential to update all the plugins, installed on your wordpress site. WIth WordShell, it’s like a breeze to access WordPress sites through command line. According to the company, they are forging every possible features with this tool to turn this into a talisman for every hardness encountered. Typically, an one stop service, particular for this purpose.

This productive tool is already cradled with a bunch of essential features. It’s versatility is more exposed when it comes to multiple WordPress installations. Simply, consider any situation when you want to update all the plugins of a WordPress site or a single plugin installed on different sites. It will do good for the both cases. Likewise, with this tool you can access and manage all of your wordpress installations from a single place.

Moreover, this tool free you from the boundaries of being device specific. Magically, it empowers its user to access their wordpress sites from any smart devices. With it, you can always go for some SSH applications available on your smart devices like, JuiceSSH, SSH Server and much more. This tool enables you to manage the theme and the core files of your WordPress sites, maintain database  a single command, an easy scheduling of cron jobs and this list goes on and on.

If WordPress consumes the major chunk of your everyday, then it can be a good investment for you to purchase any of its packages. The very next time, you will have the authority to go for a bulk updation through a single line of code from the command line.

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