Monitor Your Online Reputation With Google’s Reputation Management Tool “Me On The Web”

How many times have you searched for your own name on Google? Your own website, company name, Twitter handle, Facebook profile or personal blog? How do you keep up with name reactions and monitor personal mentions which might evolve anywhere on the web? Some questions to ask: 1. How do people find me on the

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Google’s Cloud Music Player Coming Tomorrow?

Google’s cloud music player is expected to launch tomorrow, will let you store music online and stream songs to any computer, mobile, tablet or Android device.

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Google Images Sort By Subject: Find More Relevant Photos In Google Image Search

Subject sorting of Google Images is useful, it shows you different categories related to the image you are looking for and automatically organizes the results under those categories

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Google Docs Adds Threaded Comments, Invites Easier Discussion And Smooth Collaboration

Google Docs, one of the best online office applications had one feature lacking. The ability to post comments or start a discussion around a Google Docs document, so that collaborators or members can post their views and ideas alongside the document, without disturbing it’s existing content. Sure, all users have the ability to add their

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Lost Emails From Gmail Inbox ? You Are Not Alone.

If you are a Gmail user and suddenly find that a lot of email messages or past conversations are missing from your Gmail inbox, here is something very important. The other day one of my friends sent me a message on Facebook that all his emails at Gmail have suddenly disappeared from his inbox. He

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How To Get Rid Of Crawl Errors And 404 Not Found Errors in Google Webmaster Tool Reports

As a blogger or the webmaster of a website, one should be very serious regarding fixing broken links on his/her website. A lot of broken links, bad redirects and non existent 404 pages on your website does not reflect a good signal to the Googlebot and it can sometimes harm your site’s reputation on the eyes of a search engine.

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A Complete Guide On Filtering RSS Feeds And Managing Information Overload In RSS Readers

Here is a complete guide on organizing your RSS reader, staying productive and managing information overload. You can filter keywords, blog posts and other unnecessary items from RSS feeds to block an overwhelming number of blog articles, every single day.

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How To Set Up MX Records For Google Apps Email From Your Website’s Cpanel

If you manage a website and have recently changed your domain’s hosting provider, this tutorial will help you set up Google Apps email preferences for your domain, add MX records from the control panel (cpanel) of the new hosting company.

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Add a Mini GrooveShark Player To Google Chrome : Control Playlists From Any Tab

One of the problems with Grooveshark is that you have to keep Grooveshark running in a browser tab. If you have the habit of working with multiple browser tabs and use more than 20 tabs at any given point of time, finding that particular Grooveshark window can be a hassle.

SharkZapper is a Chrome extension which lets you control Grooveshark player from any open tab of Google Chrome.

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Add Language Translation To Your Website Using Google Translate AJAX API

Google Translate is certainly the best online translation tools and provides fairly accurate translation of your blog’s articles. Visitors and readers from non English speaking countries can use the translation widget and read your site’s articles in their own language.

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Now Upload Video Files To Your Google Docs Account

Google Docs is one of the best online office suites available till date – you can upload office documents, photos, PDF’s , spreadsheets and possible any other file on your Google Docs account. There are dozens of third party Google Docs tools, so managing the uploaded files on Google Docs from desktop or from an office application is not a problem anymore.

The good news is that Google Docs has now added support for uploading video files to your Google Docs account.

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Delicious Shutting Down, How To Export Your Delicious Bookmarks The Easy Way [Updated]

If you have a large collection of bookmarks stored at the Delicious website, you should back them up before Delicious shuts down completely.

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How To Remove Any Personal Social Profile From Google Search

How To Remove Your Facebook Profile From Google Search And Facebook Search

The privacy settings of your Facebook profile can either be public or private. Public Facebook profiles appear in Facebook search results when someone searches for your name in Facebook. In addition to this, public Facebook profiles may also appear on Google search results and other directory search results e.g Pipl search. When real world friends

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Enable Or Disable Safe Search Filters On Google

Enable Or Disable Safe Search Filters On Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo

Every search engine has some safe search filters which can be used to restrict porn content on search result pages. If your children are too small and they spend a lot of time on the internet, it will be a good idea to turn on safe search filters on the search engine your kids use

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