Avoid Email Spam Using temporary Disposable Email Addresses

Email spam is the Most Common and Disturbing Element of Internet. Both Geeks and the average user get a lot of Email Spam.You can avoid Spam email messages by Using temporary Disposable Email addresses.

What is a Disposable Email Address ?

Suppose You need to sign up In a Website to Use some of their Service. A typical example may be any File download or Installing Some add on In your Browser.The website asks you to enter Your email address and register.You register with your primary email address and The Website Uses it to spam Your Inbox periodically.

To avoid Such a Situation You can use temporary email addresses That will Be destroyed after a Time Interval. Create a Temporary disposable email address Use that To Register in that site and when you are done Just forget it. No Future SPAM mails !!


4 Web Services to create temporary Disposable Email addresses

Spambox : Using this service you can Create a temporary Email Box  which you can use for registering in different Websites or forums.If you wish You can also forward all  emails from the  spam box to your email address.So if you want to Download Something that requires registration Just create a Temporary email Box using SpamBox and set the Expiry time to 30 Minutes.Sign up in the Download Website with the Spambox email and after you get the confirmation link in your Spam box mail just forget It.

Spambox will create you a temporary @spambox.us e-mail .You can adjust the expiry time of your Spam box and it is Ideal for temporary Sign ups In Websites.

Whspr.me : With Whspr.me you can receive Email messages without sharing your original Email address to anyone.Whspr.me gives you a URL to share.

Suppose you want to register in a torrent site but don’t want to Disclose your original Email address.Just create a n email URL with Whspr and get the Emails directly.you can also Use this service when you wish to Hide your Identity from your Fiends.Just share the Whspr URL and you can send and receive messages.

Whenever an e-mail is addressed to this temporary URL  the user will receive it on his e-mail account – but the one who sent the e-mail will never see the address it was redirected to. Hence, privacy is fully protected and communication is still accomplished naturally.

GuerrillaMail : GuerrillaMail is another similar service with which you can create disposable email .Just create your temporary address and reload the homepage to view the Incoming messages.

10 minute mail : Simple and fast.Start creating your temporary email address by just clicking a link.Your newly Created Email address appears In the webpage right after it.You can read and reply to the email messages that you get  from the Webpage itself without requiring to login. No Sign ups and Registration required.Available In all The major International languages.

These Services are Much Safer and keeps Your main Email address Free from Spam. Do you Use temporary  Disposable Email addresses for signing in to Various Websites ?

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