Top 3 Reminder Apps for Your Smartphone

In today’s world, the clock seems to keep ticking ever so fast. Everyone seems to be in a hurry all the time and even 24 hours seem to be less to get done with our daily chores, office work, workout sessions, sound sleep, etc. This is where technology plays a very important role. It has helped us to save time and be more effective. Additionally, it has made us depend on it for remembering most things and reminding us about most things in daily routine.

It is natural that you will hardly find someone who remembers the date after waking up in the morning. Most of us refer the mobile to know the date as well as even the time. We have an app that wakes us up in the morning with some soothing music. We are dependent on the smartphone for reminding us about someone’s birthday, anniversary, important office meeting, any weekend events, visit to the bank for cheque deposit, paying utility bills, etc.

In this article, we shall go through some of the most popular reminder apps for Android and iOS devices that seem have made life much easier. In simple words, you will be shown a list of the best task reminder applications for your daily routine. Let’s go through the top 3 reminder apps one by one.


This smartphone app is a one-stop reminder app for all sorts of activities you may need to do. It can remind you about any important task or event or meeting. It enables you to maintain checklists and tick the stuff one by one as it gets done. You can store quick notes along with a timed alert (through opt-in mail, in-app notification or badge on app) when the thing mentioned in the note becomes due.

Evernote Web

You can store anything in this app and search the database to get it when required. You can keep aside articles for reading later and this app will remind you about them. It will also help covering photos that you love watching or clicking. You can note down to-do lists as well as ideas for reference on a different day. Thus, this app reminds you about almost everything and helps in better time management as well.

It is available in below three forms for use:
Evernote Web
Evernote for Android
Evernote for iOS

Remember the Milk

This app serves as an effective task manager enabling you to manage the tasks on your to-do list. It allows a very user-friendly interface to keep track of all items in your task list maintained using this app. You can tick off all the stuff done by marking the corresponding tasks complete and also prioritize other tasks if the need arises. It even offers the Evernote sync feature in order to track your notes across multiple platforms. The Pro version of the app is available at a reasonable price as well.

Remember the Milk

This online task management app can be downloaded for free from the following links:
Remember the Milk Web Version
Remember the Milk for Android
Remember the Milk for iOS


Clevercards is an ideal birthday card app or greeting card app. It is synced with your Facebook profile and reminds you about your friend’s birthdays i.e. timely birthday notifications for Facebook friends. Its main use is for sending innovative custom birthday cards prepared by using photos from Facebook. More importantly, it reminds you to send those cards. You could surprise your friends or loved ones with such personalized cards on their special days. It also provides event reminders for all registered (or joined) events on your Facebook account.


This online custom ecard reminder app is available in below mentioned two forms:
Clevercards for Android
Clevercards for iOS

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