Top 5 Less Known Features of Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 launched few weeks ago and this is one of the best inventions of Samsung. It comes with so many awesome features that people are waiting for a long time now to use them. It features 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display with Snapdragon 820 chipset, 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 12MP rear camera and many more others. These are the hardware section of this beast. When it comes to software, it can certainly beat more other high range Android mobiles without thinking twice. Some of the awesome features are mentioned here.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Split Screen

Although, Google is trying to include split screen feature in Android, but as of now, they haven’t included yet. Surprisingly, Samsung has already given this feature in their latest Galaxy series’ mobile called Samsung Galaxy S7. This is one of the best features what Android users can get with stock ROM. Your productivity will certainly increase with the help of this feature. For example, you want to copy-paste something from one app to another. At such time, you do not have to leave the current app in order to paste the text. This is possible to place that window in the other half of your screen and do whatever you want.

Popup Screen

Alike Split Screen, this is yet another awesome feature. Sometime, we want to do something simultaneously in more than two apps. At such moment, you can simply use popup window feature in Samsung Galaxy S7 instead of Split screen. This is one of the best things what you can do with your new mobile. The best part of this feature is you can resize your popup screen according to your requirement. There is no such minimum size or aspect ratio in this case.

Night Clock

As the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with curved display, you can make use of this thing for doing different things. For example, you can show night clock in this side. It will not only show the time but also you can day, date as well as battery percentage. Therefore, you do not have to tap the power switch to check the time. You can simply move your mobile towards the curved side to check the time and all.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

Generally, you can find Doze Mode in Android, which helps users to save battery life. However, if you think that particular feature of Android is not enough to save your Galaxy S7’s battery life, you can opt for Ultra Power Saving Mode, which will certainly help you to save your battery life more than you can think of. Basically, it will turn your screen in black and white, which will obviously consume less battery. Apart from that, all background processes and settings will be changed and deactivated while having this mode on.

Game Tools

This is a good inclusion for mobile gamers. If you are a mobile game addicted and want to upgrade your experience, Samsung Galaxy S7 will certainly do so. It comes with a feature called game Tools that can be found under Advanced Features >> Games. By turning on this feature, you can find a button flying around the screen that will assist you record the screen, capture screenshot and do more other things.

There are many other awesome and useful features available in Samsung Galaxy S7. If you have purchased this mobile, do spend a little bit of time in order to make them out.

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