Turn Pictures into Comics Strips Online

Want to turn your photos into comics? Here are some free tools using which you can create cool comic strips from your images. You can add speech bubbles, animations and lots of more effects.

Create comics from Your Pictures using PikiStrips

Pikistrips is a wonderful tool which lets you upload photos from your computer or from a web URL and merge them into a comic strip (see example). You can then add a lot of cool effects such as – speech bubbles, pencil sketches, oil painting and much more.

To get started, sign up for a free account at Pikistrips and go to “Create”. Next, select a layout for the comic strip which you are going to create

Turn photos into comics

Choose comic strip layout

2. In the next step, select the size of comic strip and choose the background color and the cell background of the comic strip.

Choose comic size and colors

Choose comic size and colors

3. Now you can upload an image from your comuter and embed the image in the comic strip. You can also perform a search and select a photo from any publicly accessible web URL. The selected photos will be used in the comic cells as shown above.

4. To add a speech bubble in the photos, drag and drop a template from the “Speech bubbles” tab and add your text as shown below

Add speech bubbles in Comics and photos

Add effects and speech bubbles in comics

5. Next, you can add a lot of more effects ts in the picture comic and give it your own feel. Some of the cool effects are – turning the image into pencil sketch, using an oil painting canvas, adjusting the colors, brightness and contrast, turning the image into grayscale and much more.

Add Image effects in Comics

Add Image effects in your comics

Once the comic is ready, you can download the image in your computer or share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and a lot of social networking websites.

Create Cartoon Style Images with Befunky

Another similar tool is Befunky, which can be used to turn your images into cartoons, comics and funny clip arts. Using Befunky, you can create pencil drawings, turn an image into greyscale, create avatars etc.

Create cartoons from your photos

Turn images into Cartoons

Both the tools are free but I would prefer using Pikistrips as it has lot more features to customize the comic or image to my feel. If you are looking for a desktop application to create comics from your pictures, try FotoSketcher.

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