Two Ways to Change Default PDF Reader in Windows 10

PDF files are always more secure than any other format like TXT or DOCX. All kinds of people including students, businessman, employees etc. have been using this file format to send and receive files from someone. On the other hand, if you want to send some files to someone and you want to set a password so that others cannot open that easily, PDF can be a great solution. Although, there are some methods to open password protected PDF files without knowing the right password, yet this is not widely popular. That is why people can use password protected PDF file to send some sensitive information.

At the same time, this is quite difficult to edit PDF file according to your wish. Sometime, you need to change the file format and this particular thing can destroy the styling within seconds. All these reasons have made PDF more popular.

If you use PDF files a lot and you have Windows 10, you might have already seen that Windows 10 uses Microsoft Edge to open PDF files. Although, there is no problem, yet, some people may confront some issues. If you want to do something apart from just reading the PDF file, you cannot do so since Microsoft Edge will let you do that. Just for this reason, if you use any other PDF reader, you need to change the default PDF opener. Otherwise, your machine will keep using Microsoft Edge as default PDF reader in Windows 10.

Here are two different solutions to change default PDF reader in Windows 10. Although, both methods end at the same point, yet the procedures to reach to that point are different. Let’s check them out.

Methods #1

This is very easy and not much time consuming. At first, right click on any PDF file, select Open With and choose Select Another App from the list. This option generally places at the end of the list.

Following that, you will get a popup window like this,

Two Ways to Change Default PDF Reader in Windows 10

Now, click on More apps and try to find whether your desired PDF opener is included in the list or not. If your desired PDF reader is not enlisted here, just scroll down and click on the button that says Look for another app in this PC. Now, select an app by navigating through your Program Files. At last, hit the Open button. That’s it!

Your selected app will be set to open PDF files.

Now, if you want to reach to the same destination using a different method, do follow this guide.

Method #2

At first, click on the Cortana search box or Taskbar search box and type Default Programs. As a result, you will get an option called Default Programs (Desktop app). Just click on this. You will get a window like this.

Associate a file type or protocol with a program

Click on the link that says Associate a file type or protocol with a program. Here you can find all the file extensions or formats that are supported by Windows 10. Scroll down and find out .pdf. After that, click on Change program.

Change Default PDF Reader in Windows 10

The following method is same as the first method. That means, you have to select the app from the list and if the app is missing, you need to open your Program Files menu to select the desired app.

Hope these guides will let you change the default PDF reader in Windows 10. If you are still getting any problem to change default PDF viewer, do let us know.

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