14 Twitter Applications That Serve A Different Purpose

Twitter is one of the most used social media platform nowadays. All you need is an account and something to tell. Thats all you need to use Twitter. But lately I found out some crazy tools that lets you use Twitter in a different way. Here are some of those.

Update Your Twitter Avatar Using Your Webcam :

With Snapatar you can tweet about the way your look changes every day or minute or even if you want every second. Well let me be clear. With this online application you can take snapshots using your webcam and post it to Twitter. But the fact that makes it different is that posting the image changes your Twitter avatar with that picture of yours. So every time you wish to change your avatar just use Snapatar to update.

Let Twitter Know When You Post On Flickr :

Flickr is among the largest image sharing network. And Twitter is one place to share photos too. Now its really tiring to post the same photo on Twitter as well as Flickr manually. Flick.to.twitt is an online tool that lets you tweet about the images you shared with your Flickr buddies. The better part is that all is done automatically i.e once you upload an image to Flickr, its gets automatically posted to Twitter.

Share What You Eat :

Do you love to eat ? Or better to say, do you love to share what you eat ? Then Nom.ms is the perfect tool for you. Well this is not something that will make you very popular, but if you have friends worldwide you can spend some time knowing about their cuisines or food habits and perhaps some good dishes worldwide. Tweet What You Eat is also a similar application.

Chat using Twitter :

Nur.ph is an online tool that lets you chat using Twitter. I mean this is a great tool considering the fact that Twitter does not let you chat with your Twitter buddies. Another great use of Nur.ph is that it provides a medium to build audience around your blog (if you have one). You can embed this chat in any webpage (that neeeds no authentication) that you wish and share it among your Twitter friends.

Record Your Screen and Share on Twitter :

If you are willing to record your screen and post it for the web audience right-away then Screenjelly  might help you. It records your screen and lets you share it on Twitter. So if you have something (on your screen) to share right now then everything else can wait just browse to Screenjelly, record and share. You can also use Screenr to record and share your screen on Twitter.

Learn Which Youtube Videos Are Popular On YouTube :

If you are an Youtube fan, then you gotta try Zoofs to find the Youtube videos that is being recently popular on Twitter. Search the videos using categories.

Know When Your Twitter Friends Sleep :

Sleeping Time is a really cool Twitter app that lets you know about the sleeping habits of anyone who is on Twitter. I do not have any clue about the exactness of the app but it definitely has the qualities to get listed in here. Above is a screenshot of the sleeping time that Barrack Obama (one of the world’s most busy person) follows. Well this is just an approximation.

Post Your Resume On Twitter :

There are plenty of websites that can find a job for you but finding a job using Twitter is really something we never tried. That was until now. Twitres lets you post your resume on Twitter where job recruiters can find you. Hopefully that may help finding you a great job that you were looking for.

Send Voicemail To Your Twitter Buddy :

There are times when words are not enough. You need to use your voice to express something. But how to do that in  Twitter? Pockets has the way out for you. It lets you record voice mails and send them to your Twitter friend. You have to use your mobile phone to record the message.

Share Your Voice on Twitter :

The earlier one needs you to be in a country whose mobile carriers are supported by the app. But Chirps is an online service that lets you record your voice using your computer and share them on Twitter (or any Twitter user). You can also share audio files from your computer or from the web.

Tell Twitter People About Your “SHIT” :

As per me, this is the weirdest idea to share something on Twitter I have ever came across. Yes, Twitterloo is an app that lets you detail about your shit. Select from a list of “dirty” clip arts and the location of the happening and be honest about where you shitted and how exactly it looked like. Oh what’s that god awful smell ? :D

Find people Who Are Cursing On Twitter :

Curse Bird is an online tool that features tweets from public timeline that mentions words like “fuck”, “Shit”, “Bitch”, “Dick”, “Bastard” etc. So you get to know who is cursing. It has also got a “curse index” (screenshot above) like the stock exchanges.

A Twitter App That is Literally “Weird” :

So far I have mentioned some odd Twitter apps. Here is one that literally lists those tweets that mention the phrase “weird habit”. The name of the app is itself Weird Habits.

Need A Recipe ? Twitter can help :

Twecipe is an app which can suggest you recipes from its database from any number of ingredients you wish. You can use the online tool or follow @twecipe and send them the list of ingredients and they will DM you back with the most appropriate dish that can be made using those ingredients.
Well the list above definitely fails to enlist all of the kind. I would like you to add more Twitter apps that you think is off-the-track and of course free to use. Let us know how you felt about the list.

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