What is New in Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512

After being leaked the screenshots of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512, Microsoft is finally rolling out this new version of technical preview to the Fast Ring. Although, the Slow Ring may not get this build right now, but all the Fast Ring users will get it within 1-2 days since more than 20% users have already got it. Microsoft has already updated their Windows Insiders app for Windows 10 Mobile Build 10166.

However, Microsoft has made couple of enhancements and this new build is covered with some awesome new features, UI improvements and more. Earlier bugs have been fixed and some new bugs have come forward too. Anyway, here is everything you need to know about the new features of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 Released

What is New in Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512

Although, the new features list is not too big but the improvements are very genuine and much needed. On the other hand, most of the old bugs have been fixed. This is impressive.

  • Performance improvement – the new build of Windows 10 mobile aka Build 10512 is much better than previous versions in terms of performance. This is more stable than all the other older Builds. This is where it excels since most of the previous builds were not much good enough in terms of stability (Except Build 10166).
  • Change Lock Screen and Home Screen background image – The exact previous build has an awkward issue. Some users claimed that they were able to change the Lock Screen background and home Screen background once. From the second time, they used to get issues while change those background wallpaper/image. However, the bug has been solved and now users would be able to change them as per their requirements.
  • (Bug Fixed) SD card apps not working after reboot – Some users claimed that apps those have been moved to SD card didn’t work after a reboot.
  • Data Sense – This new build has come with a much needed improvement of Data Sense, which lets users check their data connection and bandwidth.
  • (Bug Fixed) – Microsoft has solved the issue, which blocked users to open Camera when mobile is locked.
  • (Bug Fixed) – Now you would be encounter with any touch screen issue when you end a call.
  • (Big Fixed) – Now you will get all notifications for text messages.

Known Issues in Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512

Now, here are some awkward issues you will face after upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512. Some of the known issues are enlisted here,

  • Mobile Hotspot will not work.
  • Two-factor authentication for your MSA with a phone number will not work.
  • Some mobiles can take a lot of time than usual to get the restoration done after upgrading.
  • App may get crashed those use background audio. i.e. Groove, Podcast, Pandora etc.
  • If you have huge amount of time, your phone may get stuck.
  • Movies & TV app will not work.

Final Word

This is not recommend to upgrade your mobile to this Build since this is probably the worst Build of Windows 10 Mobile. The previous build was much better than this. However, if you need it anyway, obviously you can upgrade through your Phone Update option.

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