Fix : Windows 10 Reserve Button not Showing on Taskbar

As Microsoft could impart Windows 10 to all genuine Windows 7/8.1 users at free of cost, there isn’t any offense to reserve your free copy. Even though, the whole process of booking free copy of Windows 10 is not so intricated, yet, there are many people, who have encountered with plenty of complications while seeking to reserve it on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 Reserve Button not Showing on Taskbar

Windows 10 reserve button not showing on Taskbar – main problem

Usually, you must have Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 update to install another Windows update so that you can obtain the “Get Windows 10” button on Taskbar. Irrespective of, whether you use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, the process is same and straightforward.

Having said that, many people have stated that they are not getting any Windows 10 reserve button on the Taskbar in order to go further and book the free copy. Despite installing KB3035583 update on Windows 7/8.1, Windows 10 reserve button may be keep on being invisible on the Taskbar. In case you are having the similar problem, here is a solution.

Fix : Windows 10 reserve button not showing on Taskbar

The solution seems quite simple and dependable. Though, Microsoft thinks that those, who do not have the adequate hardware to run Windows 10, can get this issue very often. Nevertheless, that is not actually true since the vast majority of PCs, which are running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 update, can also run Windows 10 smoothly because the hardware requirements are same.

Therefore, Microsoft has provided some feasible solutions of this problem, for which users can’t seem to get Windows 10 reserve button on Taskbar.

Solution 1 : Check hardware configuration

If you already know your PC’s hardware configuration and it meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 10, you can just skip this step. Otherwise, there are several methods to check your hardware configuration. You can use Properties in My Computer or This PC, use various apps such as CPU-Z etc.

If your computer hardware meets the minimum system requirements and you have already installed the required update that bring Get Windows 10 button, but still the button is not appearing, here is a great solution that will fix the issue within moments.

Solution 2 : Download Windows 10 Missing Icon Fix

So many people have claimed that they are not getting the icon on the Taskbar. Therefore, someone has unveiled a file through Dropbox to fix the issue. You do not have to worry since the file has been checked by Microsoft itself. Anyway, download Windows 10 Missing Icon Fixes from Dropbox. After downloading and opening the file using administrator privilege (Run as Administrator), you will a screen that looks like the following picture,

Get Windows 10 fixes start screen

Hit any key to continue. This tool works for Windows 7 RTM, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 RTM, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.1. Again hit any key to continue. This tool does the following things, what are generally the main reasons, why Windows 10 reserve button not showing on Taskbar.

  • Check whether you have installed KB3035583 update or not.
  • Try to find answer from (quick method)
  • Another process to find answers from (quick method)
  • Long method or Yaqub K’s method to solve

Get Windows 10 button options

If you are sure that your PC has KB3035583 update, just 1 and hit Enter button.

If everything goes right, you will get the Get Windows 10 icon on your Taskbar. However, if still the icon is missing, again enter 4 (Yaqub K) and hit Enter.

Windows 10 missing icos fixes options

Anyone of these methods will certainly solve your problem and you will get the icon immediately.

Get Windows 10 icon on Taskbar

If you want to know Yaqub K’s method on, head over to this link.

Following that, you can use this method to reserve or cancel free copy of Windows 10.

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