5 Chrome Extensions That Help You Manage Your Money Matters

Money plays an important aspect in our lives, without a question. We do spend money on lot of things, unknowingly many times. Especially in this web-era where everything started being available online for purchase, we are making transactions online even in small amounts which some times we let go. But keeping an eye on our expenses in very important thing.

To help in this case, there are some extensions available which would sit inside your browser tracking your expenses, help you create a budget etc.

1. PocketSmith


pocketsmith is a great extension to help you in financial matters. To use it, go to Chrome web store, download the extension and sign in to start using it. Using Pocketsmith you can plan your next 30 years in the future. The good thing about this is it will show your purchases with graphs so that you can have better visual understanding. You can also import your bank transactions, Aggregate from multiple banks, manage your bills, find your purchases, create cash flows etc. This extension would definitely help you to take better financial decisions and plan your future .

2. Cash Organizer


Cash Organizer by Inesoft is another great Chrome extension to manage your finances online. The good this about this thing is it has multi user support. So either you can use this tool for yourself or you can use this with your friends, family even you can give access to selected accounts such as business partners. You can manage all your transactions very effectively and manage your budget by dividing your expenses into different categories. It will also generates reports for you based on your activities both in graphs and textual format. There are other nice features in this extension such as scheduling payments, converting currency etc.

3. Good Budget


Good Budget is another nice tool that lets you take control over your financial matters. Using this service you can record transactions, manage transfers in envelope format so that you can use it for later with multiple refill styles, track your bank balances, manage budget, get detailed reports in various categories such as reports by expense, by month vs budget, by payee, by location etc and download transactions in CSV format etc. This service offers auto complete mechanism for payees while picking categories and money to make your management easy. Other nice features include split transactions , location based budget etc.

There is a subscribed version also available with additional features such as unlimited envelopes, tracking multiple bank balances, syncing 5 devices, 5 years of transaction history, importing bank statements, personal email support etc. Download this extension for your Chrome here.

4. Cash Control


Cash Control helps you save more by helping you to take control your money. Using this, you can add your income and expenses easily. It also has support for multiple accounts. Other features of cash control include – categorizing our expenses and budgets, managing bills , adding reminders for payments, managing loans and refunds, recurrent transactions support, importing bank statements, data export facilities etc.

Cash control also generates reports for you in charts and gives you monthly email reports also. It also offers customer support in case of a problem. Check it out in Chrome webstore .

5. SaaSt

SaaSt – Personal finance is a simple free tool to easily manage your home expenses. The good thing about this service is you can use this offline. Some features offered by this service include – being able to add tags, lists on our expenses to get a clear idea, being able to organize our accounts in separate folders depending on the category, and being able to share our folders with our friends and family.

Download SaaSt from Chrome Web Store and try it for yourself.

Ending Thoughts

The good thing about many of the above mentioned services is their ability to synchronize. Many extensions are also available for Android platform so that you can manage from mobile on the go. Many extensions offer security encryption features to protect your data and deliver reports time to time for your planning. Many features are for free and only SaaSt is available offline.

What tool do you use for tracking our financial matters? Do let us know in comments.

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