5 Things You Can do When You are Out of Storage on Mobile

Nowadays, mobile has become our everyday partner because of the functionalities available on the current phones. So many things including camera, calendar, alarm clock, notepad, etc. have been replaced by a simple mobile phone. Over the years, cell phones have got significant updates regarding storage, camera quality, security, and overall functions. However, sometimes many people face problems because of little storage. Even 128GB is not that much for a power mobile user, and many people have proved that already. If you are one of them, who always faces issues due to low storage, here are some solutions, what you can use to get more mobile storage.


1] Use OTG + Pen Drive

This is the cheapest and simplest way to get more storage. When the real storage is constant, you need to move files from your device to another storage to free up some space. The same technique can be used in this case as well. You can use an OTG cable and a pen drive or even external drive to move files from mobile to that external storage. Many people travel everywhere with those two tools to capture as many photos as they way. You can use multiple pen drives or a pen drive having a huge memory.

2] Delete Unwanted Apps

We often download some apps and keep them in our mobile without even touching them. It happens with a lot of people. The simple step is to delete them as soon as possible. Open the app drawer of your mobile, find the app/s that you do not use anymore or you think you do not need that anymore, and delete them as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to clear the cache and all data before removing the app. Otherwise, your phone will keep carrying the leftover.

3] Delete Unnecessary Files

Can you remember what is in your Downloads folder? Obviously, no. Because we download files and forget about them after a few couple of days. Just like the above-mentioned solution, you can do the same with stored data. Find out what you are not using anymore and remove them right now. You can do that with old backups, unnecessary songs, photos, other files, etc. It won’t take too long, but it would eventually help you get more space in the same mobile.

4] Use Cloud Storage

This is one of the best solutions out there, which may help you to get rid of the problem. There are plenty of feature-rich and affordable cloud storage services those can be used to get more space. Although you cannot install apps on cloud storage you can certainly store your files in any cloud storage. The best part of using cloud storage is you can upgrade the memory and access your files from anywhere and from any other device having the same account.

5] Upgrade Your Mobile

This is probably the last solution you can opt for. If your current mobile is not helping you that much and the aforementioned solutions either, you can upgrade your mobile with a better storage capacity. This time, don’t forget to use a SD card if your mobile does support that. It would certainly help you in different ways.

Are you running out of memory? Do try these solutions and let us know your opinion.

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