Add a Second Monitor to Laptop: Packed Pixels slide in Your Backpack

Are you a die hard gamer? A mobile, social camp organizer? If your answer is positive, then it’s for sure that everyday your laptop’s monitor is gradually shrinking for you. Single display is not enough anymore. Admittedly, you need to add a second monitor to laptop or desktop(hardly for portability issues), whatever, you used to carry with you for living your wish or work. Most of us get to a bolted stop just after reaching this point. Travelling with a regular monitor can be anything but feasible.

Monitors don’t like to travel much

Frankly, a regular monitor is not a thing which you can easily slide in your knapsack or backpack and set up with your laptop. Simply, forget about those old school CRT monitors. They can be anything but portable. Even, though much reduced, todays LCD or LED monitors ingest a sizeable amount of power for glowing.

Not all Monitors


We needed a smarter solution to this problem and a group of enlightened minds at Dovetail technology Ltd, proudly shepherd by Matt Relf had that courage to step in and manufacture an answer. They have Produced a portable monitor namely, Packed Pixels which fits easily into your laptop’s bag and works with every platform like, Windows, Linux and Mac. You don’t have to carry an additional backpack or else for the monitor. Moreover, you don’t need to carry an extra power source for the second monitor. Portable enough. Right?

Packed Pixels monitors like to travel with you. The developing team has not only designed this brilliant, high resolution display units, but also developed a smarter way to place them along with your primary monitor. The beautifully designed pair of brackets with elastic strap completes the whole story. These brackets will enable you to hang the second monitor adjacent to your primary display unit. Moreover, with the help of the elastic strap, you will be able to clamp it on most of the regular laptop monitors having different width.




When you finish placing the second monitor, things becomes painless. Simply, plug and play. Just, plug the usb for display signal and the other power cord to the display port of your laptop. You are ready to buzz the show. Absolutely, no drivers, other softwares or any geekery is unneeded.

Play with it

Additionally, you can mount the second monitor both in a portrait or a landscape orientation, but the most important part of the story is that you can mount the same facing away from you. For every social camp organizers, this feature is an escape from their daily hiccups. They can communicate with others easily with this simple yet helpful design. this feature can be awesome for those who demonstrate their presentations without investing much time.

A table stand position for the second display running your sales presentations for a quick meeting with your team members can be pretty much handy. On the grand scheme of things, if your laptop has two display ports, you can run two packed pixels simultaneously.

Packed pixels offer a high clarity picture quality by supporting a high frame rate for the hungry gamer in you. Now, you can relish your gaming addiction everywhere. This blazing devices free you from being place specific. According to set of casual testing, it consumed a mere 11% of of a full battery drain of Macs and on some other alike devices.

After not being able to fulfil their own pledge on Kickstarter, they are relaunching their dream project. If you share their vision, you can always support and spread their voice.

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