How to Add Android L Like Softkey in iOS

Android and iOS both have something awesome. Those awesome features and quality have made them a winner in their own track. For example, Android most of the Android mobiles have softkey bar, which includes back button, home button and recent app list opener button. This softkey menu bar is really useful.

Add Android L Like Softkey in iOS

However, unfortunately, iOS mobile users would not get this button menu bar since Apple has no such feature. However, here is an awesome jailbreak tweak that will let you add Android L or standard Android softkey in iOS mobiles.

If you have iOS mobile, i.e. iPhone, you can press the native button to go to home screen directly from any window. This is good. But, alike Android, you cannot check recently opened apps with a single tap. You are supposed to do something more to get things done. This may be quite time consuming for some people.

Therefore, today I am going to introduce such a great jailbreak tweak that will let you get exactly same software in iPhone. But, as you have read that this is a Jailbreak tweak, you must have to Jailbreak your iPhone to do anything further.

How to add Android L Like softkey in iOS?

This is however very easy with AlternateControls. You can purchase this Jailbreak tweak from BigBoss repository by spending just $0.99. So, do start doing anything using this tool, just purchase. At least, you won’t be disappointed if you really need a softkey in your iPhone.

After installing this Jailbreak tweak aka AlternateControls in your iPhone, open it from Settings. This is as simple as said.

After opening it in your mobile, you will get detailed settings pane that will let you set it up according to your wish. At first, enable AlternateControls by tapping the Enabled button, which comes first on your screen.


After enabling the AlternateControls, you can find more other settings. Now, you can find Appearance. It includes some options to enable or disable touch indication, modern icons and invert color or color scheme.


If you enable Show Touches, you can find touches on your softkey bar.

If you enable Modern Icons, you can find Android Lollipop like softkey.

Alternate-Controls-Softkey black

Otherwise, the softkey bar will be looking like this following image;


The above image also indicates the Invert color.

The next settings pane is called Activation. That means, it will help you to select how and when do you want to get the softkey on your screen. You can select Swipe from right to left or vice versa, bottom to top etc. on the other hand, you can also enable softkey by gestures.


There are some other options too. Among all of them, the most exciting or useful feature is Toggle Two Apps.

It works simply great. Let’s assume that you have opened App Store and then opened Safari or Passbook. By enabling this option, you can toggle those two opened apps by using the back button.

Final Word

This is really useful tool for them, who want to even faster tasking in your iPhone. The cost seems reasonable too.

Hope you would like it.

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