Here’s How You Can Add Emojis to Tweets!

Emoticons are being used everywhere, whether it’s for writing a message on your phone, typing a social message, or for an email. In fact, we can call these miniature symbols a new language altogether that helps in expressing your feelings more clearly. They help to convey the right kind of emotions, something that is difficult to do through plain text.

Emoticons are used so much today, that they have become a standard part of our smartphone keyboards. In the present day, emoticons have changed our way of communicating with each other, including their extensive use in social media.

Speaking of social media, one of the most widely-used and reached social media channels is Twitter. This social platform might have increased its word limit, but the beauty still remains in its short and sweet messages. Emoticons can help you achieve just that. Here are some effective ways to add emojis to tweets that you can use!

Method 1: Adding Emoji with an inbuilt keyword for mobile application and Desktop version

Twitter Desktop version

Step 1: Login into to your twitter account, type the tweet in the tweet box.

Step 2: Select the Emoji tab from the right corner of the tweet box:

Step 3: Just select the Emoji of your choice from the search box and click on this Emoji to add it to your tweet. You can now post the tweet!

Twitter Mobile Application

Step 1: Login to your twitter account if you not already logged in.

Step 2: Click on “New tweet” on the top right corner and type the tweet.

Step 3: Now it might or might not be possible that the keyboard on your phone has Emoji support, on iOS tap the smiley-face button and on Android (4.0 and above) tap the smiley face on your keyboard.

Step 4: Select the Emoji from the keyboard and tap on it to add to your tweet and press “Send tweet”.


If your phone doesn’t have an inbuilt keyboard to support Emoji’s or you want to use a different keyboard than the one inbuilt on your phone, you can download keyboards from Google play store and Apple App store.

There are various keyboards available like Swype, Swiftkey etc.

Method 2. Applications to add Emojis to Tweets:

There are numerous applications available in Google play store and Apple App store to add Emojis to tweets. Here are some of the popular ones:

  • Twemoji: Fancy Twitter Emoji

Twemoji supports more than 1000 Emojis that you can add to your tweet. Download Android and iOS for free.

  • Emoji

It supports emoticons on messages and applications like Facebook, Twitter etc. Comes with 100+ keyboard font as well as 60+ keyboard layouts.

Download the Android app or the iOS app according to the smartphone you’re using. It’s completely free!

Method 3: Tools to add Emojis to Tweets

There are many other tools available, which can be used in your tweet:


  • Piliapp

This can be used to select a wide array of Emoji’s like country flags, hand gestures, and face icons etc. without actually installing the tool. You can just copy paste the emoticon and paste it into your tweet directly.


Simply visit this page to start typing and posting the emoticons!

  • Emojipedia

In addition to the standard Emoji’s on Twitter, Emoji’s called Hash flags can be added on a variety of platforms like Mac, iPhone, and Android users. You can directly copy from a list of more than 1000 images and paste them to your tweets.

Simply visit this page and start tweeting your heart out!

3. UniCode Symbol Map:

This is a simple copy-paste method. You can add this shortcut to your browser and copy the emoticon you wish and paste it into your tweet.

Simply go to this link and start sharing your emotions! – Unicode Symbol Map

Method 4. Type your own symbols:

This is a traditional method and can be used for commonly used emoticons. In this, you need to memorize some of the keyboard patterns to create an emoticon.

Check out these quick shortcuts which will help you to do so.



Emojis can be imagined as an elevator pitch for personal or professional tweets that emphasize on the emotional part of the tweet. Depending on the type of platform and the device that you are using, you can use the above-mentioned ways suitable for you to add emojis to tweets!


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