Adds Emoticons, Smileys And Unicode Characters To Your Tweets

Previously we have shared a neat browser bookmarklet which can be used to add smileys and emoticons to Twitter status updates. Facebook users might recall using the Facewinks browser extension which lets you add smileys and emoticons to Facebook status messages.

The problem with browser add-ons and bookmarklets is that they are very browser specific and you can’t really use them from other computers. Or if a specific add-on is installed in one browser and you are using another browser, it’s really a pain switching them.

If you want to decorate your Twitter and Facebook status messages by adding Unicode characters, smileys, symbols and Emoticons, try

Add SMileys And Emoticons to Twitter Status is one of the easiest ways to add unicode characters, smileys and emoticons to your Twitter status updates, mentions or direct messages. You can choose from different symbols, stars, arrows, text, smileys and type your status update. When you have typed your status message, you can simply hit the “Tweet it” button or copy paste the entire message to your Twitter account, Facebook account , IM chat window, email message and so on.

The site requires no registration and works from any browser or operating system. The only catch is that some users might not be able to read some symbols, special characters in Tweets  because not every operating system or Twitter client support the display of Unicode fonts or characters. However, you can add a link to the tweet so that the users might come to the custom page and read your special tweet, that contains creative smileys and symbols.

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