Add ons for Google Docs and Sheets Add Extra Functionality to Drive

Google docs and sheets are always handy stuffs whether one need to submit their school project report or a documentation of recent projects for their office or to maintain all address of all your vendors or clients. Google, recently updated some intelligent add ons for Google Docs and Sheets, brightening their existing functionality. The focus is to minimize the workload and to collocate it at the same time.


Let’s have a look at those first, then you can choose your add-ons for google Docs and Sheets as required.

Letter Feed Workflows


Letter Feed Workflows enables you to gather your feedback or approvals on your document. Just add reviewers as many as you want. You can even add an optional message with it. The reviewers automatically get an email linking to the document. One can approve the document by just opening it and hitting accepts or reject button, thankfully, with a comment.

Moreover, you can check status of your document by simply opening it. Was it approved or rejected? Viewed or not yet opened by the each reviewer. Everything. Added to this, with Letter Feed Workflows, you are just one click behind to publish your document. No more cross site visit or separate login. It will work flawlessly with Google and your data will be secured within the same Google domain from creation to conclusion. It’s truly worth a try.


Avery Label Merge


With Avery Label Merge you can smoothly import your data from sheet to doc in a particular layout and then you will be able to print it. Although, it’s now in an infant stage. More work is surely going to be done for attributes like, Customizing merge fields, option to add graphics, etc. Also, there have been issues with its slow merging process and the accuracy of merging data into proper fields.

Still, the merging procedure is hell simple.Just select the Avery Label in which you want your document to be formatted. Name those column headers of your sheet. Choose the column header name of your sheet on the sidebar. Simply choose your column from there and hit the merge button on the bottom of the sidebar. Your doc is ready to be printed now.




Easy-Bib bibliography creator add-on for Google docs which lets you to create your own bibliography right into your document. Simply, click on manage bibliography and you will be given three options on your right sidebar. Books, Journal Articles, Websites. just type any book title or article name or website URL to search for a source to begin your bibliography.

Simply, select that from the search result to add to your document. There are three predefined format citation options given: MLA, APA, and Chicago. Choose and select one of them, in which you want your references to be formed. After completion of your bibliography, hit the Add Bibliography to Doc button and all of your sources will be added alphabetically to the end of your document. Although, you can not create your own citations now, still, I am pretty sure that this flexibility is going to be added in future updation.


Send Personalized Email


Planning a party at your home? Organizing events for your office? Now, you can easily invite your friends or your colleagues by sending customized email to them with the help of the new add-on, Merge By MailChimp. Also, you can add custom info to your document by pulling it in from a spreadsheet, like the names of recipients and their email addresses.

If you are worryied about the appearance of your mail, thankfully, a preview is of the same is always available before you hit the send button. Added to this, a reporting tab will be there to show you how many of mails have been sent on which date and within that how many have been opened till now. You can send up to 1000 email addresses on a single run and monthly total sends are limited to 6000.

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