Top Five Android Nougat Tips and Tricks You might Need to Know

Android Nougat continues to be there for a couple of months now. But, more explicitly, that was a beta version. Now, Google is rolling out the stable version of Android Nougat for their Nexus along with other indigenous devices. In case you have already got Android Nougat or Android 7.0 on your mobile, you might have to be familiar with these tips and tricks to liven up your experience. These subsequent Android Nougat tips and tricks would help you in different ways. Having said that, all of them are free of cost, and they consist of the system itself.

Android Nougat

Get Hidden Icons in Status Bar of Android Nougat

The status bar is a crucial part associated with an Android version which enables consumers to obtain plenty of things like notifications, time, battery life and some icons on swiping from top to bottom. Despite the fact that Android Nougat has almost all the things what Android Marshmallow offers, yet, you could find much more icons those are concealed by default. For instance, the Invert Color, Data Saver, and Cast option may be hidden by the system by default. To ensure they are visible, you can head over to this trick. To start with, open the status bar and tap on the EDIT button. From that point, you need to tap & hold the button that you want to show, drag the icon to the actual list, and drop it over there.

Get Side-by-Side Window for Multitasking

Over the past couple of years, Google is striving as much as possible to improve the efficiency of Android users. Now you will get a side-by-side window on your screen. To put it differently, you can split the actual mobile screen to use more than one apps. Suppose, you want to copy something from your browser and paste that into your notepad or Google Keep or Evernote. Formerly, you needed to copy that text, open another app, and paste that. Nonetheless, now, you can just put that second app on the split screen and use that as it is. At first, open an app (it can be anything). Now, hit the Recent Apps icon and hold that button. You will find your split screen. Now, you can put any other app on the right-hand side. This is also possible to change the display size of the half.

Set Different Wallpaper on Lock Screen and Home Screen

Previously, custom UI of various mobile manufacturers had this option to set different wallpaper on the lock screen and home screen, but stock Android had no such option. However, now, you can set two different wallpapers on the lock screen and home screen. To do so, you do not have to download any third party app as Google has added this option in the system itself. At first, tap and hold the home screen unless you get the Wallpaper option. Tap on Wallpaper button and select a wallpaper that you want to set for either home screen or lock screen. Now, tap and hold on the wallpaper itself to get options.

  • Home screen
  • Lock screen
  • Home screen and lock screen

Like the options are provided, you can set a particular image as home screen background or lock screen background or both. This is a great tweak for them, who always wanted to set different wallpapers on a different screen.

Add Emergency Information on Lock Screen

Previously, it was possible to add only one or two lines on the lock screen as emergency information or any notice. However, now you can add health related things on your lock screen. Not only that, this is possible to show contacts on your lock screen for emergency purpose. For example, you often get some problems related to health. Or you get any other kind of problems. No matter what, but you can certainly use this new Emergency section to get more out of your mobile when you are in trouble. To set that, open Settings and go to Users. Here, you can find Emergency information on your screen. After tapping on that, you will get two sections i.e. INFO and CONTACTS. Select what you want to add and do that accordingly.

Enable Night Mode in Android Nougat

Night mode is a long-awaited feature that Google has finally added in Android Nougat. Night Mode will let you get a black screen so that you can check things without shrinking your eyes in low light area. Talking about the health, you will certainly get rid of eye strain by enabling Night Mode. Night Mode can be enabled by tapping on Invert Colors on the status bar. If that is hidden by default, you can use the first trick to unhide that icon.

So, you will get more Android Nougat tips and tricks in near future. Stay tuned with us.

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