Best Apps to Watch Videos Online with Anybody in Real Time

Let’s assume that you and your friend or loved one live far away but you want to watch some TV shows or films together. There are two ways to do so. First, you both can open up your computers and start watching. Or, second, you can make use of these apps those will let you watch videos online with anybody in real time. It doesn’t matter how far you both live; you can certainly watch the same TV show or film or nay video together without any issue. The best thing is you can talk to each other so that you can share your experience or anything else with ease.

Best Apps to Watch Videos Online with Anybody in Real Time

1] Rabbit

Rabbit Best Apps to Watch Videos Online with Anybody in Real Time

Rabbit is one of the best services out there, which is being used by thousands of people from across the globe. Rabbit is quite different than other tools mentioned in this list. That is because Rabbit helps you share the entire browser with anyone. Being said that, not only you can watch YouTube videos or Netflix movies, you can also open up a document in the browser and share that with friends. For doing all these, you need to create an account with Rabbit. Following that, it will ask you to generate a room, which you can use to share your videos by inviting friends or anybody else. The best thing about this tool is it is free, and you can chat with friends invited to a room. This is also possible to invite multiple friends and watch movies or TV series together. This is quite easy to get started with Rabbit. On the other hand, it comes with Google Chrome extension that makes everything simpler. Apart from that, you will get Android and iOS apps so that you can share the mobile screen to watch videos with friends online in real time. The last but not the least thing is the user interface, which has no clutter. After playing a video, you can find only a couple of options and a few other things to manage everything properly.

2] Watch2gether

Watch2gether Best Apps to Watch Videos Online with Anybody in Real Time

Watch2gether is probably the simplest service out there that you can use to watch videos with friends in real time from a remote location. It doesn’t matter whether you want to stream video from YouTube or Dailymotion, you can certainly do that without any problem. It takes a couple of moments to get started with this tool. The best thing about Watch2gether is you do not have to create any account. To get started, just head over to the homepage and click the “Create your room” button. Following that, it will create a room for you, which is temporary. After that, you can invite friends and watch videos together. In the meantime, you can chat with them with the help of the simple chat box provided on the same page. The drawback of this tool is you cannot stream just anything. The streaming quality and websites are limited. In a nutshell, these following features will be provided with Watch2gether:

  • Synchronized player for video and audio
  • Talk to your friends in the integrated chat room
  • Enjoy content from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and SoundCloud
  • Browse and shop from Amazon
  • Organize content into playlists
  • Webcam support

Simple words, Watch2gether is a pretty good solution, when you do not want to waste time creating account and verifying email address to get started.

3] Netflix Party

Netflix Party Best Apps to Watch Videos Online with Anybody in Real Time

If you do not want to go through complicated options and instead you want a simple solution that can stream videos on multiple computers so that you can use it to watch videos with friends. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension, and that is the advantage as well as disadvantage. The advantage is you do not have to create any account or install any third-party app in your computer. The disadvantage is you cannot use this solution if you are a Firefox user. However, if you are a Google Chrome user, you can simply head over to the Chrome Web Store and install this extension. In simple words, it can help you watch Netflix videos with friends even if they do not have any subscription on Netflix. Being said that, you only need to install the extension in your browser. After installing, open the Netflix website and play a video. Following that, pause it and click the Netflix Party icon visible next to the address bar of your browser. You will get a unique link that you need to share with friends. You can invite friends to your room by sharing that link.

4] MyCircleTV

MyCircleTV Best Apps to Watch Videos Online with Anybody in Real Time

MyCircleTV is yet another awesome app or service that helps you watch videos online with friends being at a more location. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have to invite; you can certainly do so with the help of MyCircleTV application. This is completely free to use, and you can have some awesome functionalities in this app. None of those as mentioned above apps has VoIP calling feature, but MyCircleTV comes with that option so that you can voice chat with invited friends hours upon hours without any problem. Sometimes, people need to talk to someone while watching a TV show or movie to discuss something. MyCircleTV enables that option so that you have a better experience while enjoying a movie. On the other hand, it has a text chatting option. The best thing about this tool is you do not have to create an account, and that will save some quality time. Like Watch2gether, it allows only a few sites to stream videos from. For example, you can watch YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. Inviting friends to a MyCircleTV room is pretty easy since you can send the unique link via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It also allows you to create a profile. If you do so, you will get these additional features:

  • 5GB space for video uploads to myCloud storage
  • User profile
  • History of invitations

That’s all! These are some of the best services out there those can help you watch videos with friends in real time from being a remote location. Talking about the best service, you can consider using Rabbit and Watch2gether. If you use only Netflix, the Netflix Party extension seems to be better than others.

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